What changes has the epidemic brought to the international market for plastic sports Shaker bottles?

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  So far, COVID-19 has caused huge losses to many countries and regions around the world, and has also caused a huge impact on local economies due to repeated outbreaks. The plastic Protein Shake Water bottle is used to purchase plastic Shake Shaker Cup. The world, including developed countries in Europe and the United States, has undergone great changes in the purchase of consumer plastic Shake Shaker Cup, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

  Food safety Plastic Portable Electric Protein Shaker bottle

  Outbreak caused directly lockout in several sectors to many countries and regions, especially in traffic tourism housekeeper, at the same time, thereby causing loss to the food industry, the industry and can cause other indirect industry sales drop, resulting in the loss of production orders, the unemployment rate also increased, resulting in personal income is reduced, the market purchase expected decline.

  In the first half of 2019, for example, the purchase volume of plastic protein powder Shaker bottle in developed regions was much lower than that of stainless steel sports Shaker bottle. However, in the first half of 2021, the demand for plastic Best Blender bottle has far exceeded that of stainless steel ICE Shaker bottle. This point shows that the reduction of income, production costs also decreased.

  The epidemic has reduced production efficiency and production capacity, directly resulting in the rise of raw material costs.

  Similarly, taking the first half of 2019 as an example, Tritan was mainly used in the purchase of plastic Electric Shaker bottles in Europe, The United States and some other developed regions. However, in the first half of 2021, Although the purchase order of plastic Personalised protein Shaker bottle increased sharply, the materials that accounted for the highest proportion were AS/PC/PET/PS and so on, while the Tritan material continued to decline, mainly because the cost of Tritan material rose rapidly.

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