VOLTRX Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle (Purple)

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Product Description

VOLTRX® Electric Shaker Bottle

VortexBoost™ Series Ergonomic, Quiet, Lightweight and Highly Effective!

  • – The best gift choice
  • – No lumps with creamy texture
  • – Great blending effect makes the protein easy to absorb
  • – Made of Eastman Tritan, shatter-resistant and wear-resistant
  • – Work with strong motor power by VortexBoost™ Technology
  • – Sporty appearance design and cool glowing base
  • – Electric quantity displays in the base
  • – IPX5 waterproof design
  • – 100% Waterproof seal prevents leakage


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VOLTRX Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle (Purple)

Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

Hassle-Free Clean up

Simply pour in some warm water mixed with detergentpower up the protein shake mixer, and voila, all clean! Thebottle body can be washed separately. No need to worrythe water will inflow into the electric base. Besides, thedetached base can be charged alone that ensures you amore convenient using experience.

Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle
Premium Vortex Mixers

Premium Vortex Mixers

Premium Vortex Mixers

VOLTRX VortexBoost vortex mixer is made of Tritan, which iscompletely safe to infant grade regulations as well as beingshatter resistant. No BPA. Use as you please!

You can make any silky smoothie what you want

You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want
You can make any silky smoothie what you want

Explore all the amazing homemade drink you can make withyour Voltrx

In the box

In the box
In the box

Often Imitated, Never Surpassed

23 reviews for VOLTRX Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle (Purple)

Based on 23 reviews
  1. Isaiah (verified owner)

    My first look at the product I was skeptical, but it works awesome! No more chunks of mix! All blended smoothly and also a little more creamy! Love it!

  2. Hannah (verified owner)

    Way better than expected actually lol. I always had issue with mixing my protein so I decided on this one and it does the job as intended and you only have to was one cup. It’s great.

  3. Julio Torres (verified owner)

    Why some people complain about clumping is beyond me! I use a combination of four tablespoons of mushroom and protein powder. Turn the unit on and then put the powder in. In 15 seconds the powder is perfectly mixed. I have also added a half of mushed up small banana on a second 15 second mix. If the banana is not mushed well enough for the fork it may clump a little but what do you expect with so much in 16 oz’s of water. This is not a blender but a mixer. I recharge after about 20 uses. Still running strong at 20 uses so I have no idea how many full 15 second cycles it will do before it goes completely dead. I’m surprised the auto shut off is not mentioned in the description! For me that is an added benefit. I am nothing but pleased with this mixer.

  4. Ryan (verified owner)

    Didn’t know it even had the option until I received the shaker so I didn’t buy it for this option, but it doesn’t work for me no mater how many times I press for 8 seconds. It’s not a deal breaker but I do like the thought of the feature hence why I tried to make it work so many times lol. Aside from that, it works well. First spin cycle wasn’t enough for me so I did another 30 seconds and it was perfect. Just a preference when it comes to it.- just read that you’re suppose to drop the powder while vortex is on, I’ll try that next time.

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    I got this few weeks back with some doubt that i may mix drinks well but cleaning will be difficult. Honestly i just fill water almost till the top and just one drop of dishwasher and it cleans so perfectly; even after having milk with whey protein.

  6. Layla (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to mix protein shakes. Also easy to clean. Attractive with features designed for portability, especially, the compact-detachable and rechargeable power base. The lid’s rubber seal makes it leak proof.

  7. David (verified owner)

    If you are struggling with what to get your adhd gym boyfriend this is perfect🥳🥳

  8. Isaiah (verified owner)

    I only had my shaker for a few weeks. I pre-made a protein shake before heading out of town and put it in my ice chest. Not thinking, I left the electric shaker attached. The next day I retrieved the shaker from the bottom of the ice chest. The ice melted fast enough to submerge the entire electric shaker. I didn’t want to attempt turning it on and possibly shorting the electronics inside. So I let is sit on a counter top to dry out for 5 days. I plugged it in and it started charging. It still works perfectly fine. I’m very impressed with this product and would highly recommend.

  9. Alexander (verified owner)

    The VOLTRX Gallium USB C Rechargeable Shaker Bottle has completely transformed my experience with protein shakes and nutritional supplements, and I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm for this cutting-edge product. This innovative shaker bottle has seamlessly integrated convenience, technology, and functionality, setting a new standard in the realm of fitness and nutrition accessories.The standout feature of the VOLTRX Gallium Shaker Bottle is its USB C rechargeable capability, which has proven to be a game-changer. The built-in lithium battery is easily rechargeable via USB C, eliminating the need for disposable batteries and providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution. The convenience of being able to recharge the bottle without the hassle of replacing batteries has truly streamlined my daily routine.The powerful motor and smart mixing technology ensure that my shakes and supplements are perfectly blended to a smooth consistency with minimal effort. The efficiency and effectiveness of the mixing mechanism have eliminated the frustration of encountering clumps or unevenly mixed contents, providing a consistently enjoyable drinking experience.The high-quality construction of the bottle, including its leak-proof design and durable materials, has instilled confidence in its reliability and longevity. The sleek and modern design, along with the ergonomic shape, makes it comfortable to hold and use, whether at the gym, in the office, or on the go.The convenience of the detachable motor base and the ease of cleaning further highlight the thoughtful design and practicality of the shaker bottle. The components are easy to disassemble and reassemble, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring that the bottle remains hygienic and ready for subsequent use.In summary, the VOLTRX Gallium USB C Rechargeable Shaker Bottle has surpassed my expectations in every aspect, combining innovation, convenience, and functionality to create an unparalleled experience for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient solution for mixing shakes and supplements.Pros:1. USB C rechargeable battery provides convenience and sustainability.2. Powerful motor and smart mixing technology ensure smooth and consistent blends.3. High-quality, leak-proof construction and durable materials.4. Comfortable and ergonomic design for ease of use.5. Detachable motor base and easy cleaning process enhance practicality.Cons:I have not encountered any drawbacks with this shaker bottle. It has proven to be a remarkable addition to my daily routine.In conclusion, the VOLTRX Gallium USB C Rechargeable Shaker Bottle has redefined convenience and efficiency in the realm of nutritional supplements and protein shakes. Its innovative features, durable construction, and ease of use make it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to elevate their fitness and nutrition regimen. I highly recommend it to fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking a reliable and convenient solution for mixing their favorite beverages.

  10. Christian (verified owner)

    Wow. I’m totally delighted by this product and I love it when that happens.I needed a protein shake bottle that absolutely positively doesn’t leak. Period. I’m a busy athlete. I carry lots of stuff in my bag. I can’t have leaks. The bottle will get thrown around in the bag. It can’t leak.This product delivered awesomely, big time, completely.It’s been a solid 10 years since I bought a protein shake bottle. My last one got lost. I was trying to accomplish a few things. Here are my requirements.- Stop buying pre-mixed bottles of protein because it costs too much money, it creates too much plastic waste- Favor protein powder because the cost is lower and I’m wasting less plastic (especially when I can buy the powder in bulk by bringing my own bag)- No leaks – periodWhen I started shopping, I discovered that the market had evolved. For the same price of a good shaker bottle, I could get a bottle with a motor and blade at the bottom.So, I narrowed it down to the Voltrx and the Promixx.I realized that I carry my protein in my own separate container so I didn’t want the built in protein powder holder that the Promixx has. Also, a separate holder means the chances of problems occurring increase. I favored simplicity.The Voltrx also has a classic screw on cap. The Promixx doesn’t. I’m a little old school – caps with seals generally don’t leak.The Voltrx has a solid and thick carry handle which feels great in the hand.The 30 second auto-mix feature on the Voltrx is just absolutely fantastic. While it’s mixing, I can do something else. I really really like this feature.My workflow for how I use the Voltrx is:- put a little vegan cream liquid in it- add water to max line- add 2 scoops of Simple Orgain powder (20g protein)- close it all up- press button- throw it in my gym bag- 1 to 3 hours later, I grab the bottle, shake it, press the button, and consume- Come home and clean itCleaning is a little more tedious than a traditional shaker bottle but I don’t mind. The benefit of the product outweighs this. The product has electronics in it at the bottom so you have to keep the water away from the bottom. Here’s how I clean it.- Take lid off, rinse under water, rub inside of cap and lid with thumb, set to side to dry- For the bottle, I run water on the onside being careful to not get water on the outside- I used to use a soft brush on the inside but I find rubbing my hand on the inside works well; I also rub my fingers gently on the blade and under it- Set the bottle upside down to dry; I also wipe off water from the outside…just to protect the electronics- Overall, the plastic on the inside of the lid and bottle is super smooth and my powder doesn’t seem to stick to it- Cleaning takes about 60 seconds- I never remove the bottom where the electronics are. There’s no need to. Some of the other products have a workflow that requires you to do this.- Note that the bottom is IPX5-certified waterproof but I don’t want to lean on that. I am careful to keep the water off of it.Obviously, I choose the Voltrx and I am just super-thrilled about this product. Everything works great. I love USB C (world seems to be moving to this).Another reviewer said “Just get it.” They were right. It’s solid.Thanks Voltrx for making a great product.

  11. Leah (verified owner)

    This shaker bottle’s cutting blade is made of plastic and will not crush ice; however, I kept it because it sufficiently just mixes the drink and does not ‘whip’ the bottle’s contents as the more powerful shakers with metal cutting blades can do. For just mixing an already sitting bottle of already crushed iced drink like a Margaritta, this bottle has plenty of power or a drink that just needs to be briefly mixed. Just one push of the button turns the unit on though, so can easily inadvertently start it. There’s a rotating light pattern around the detachable battery unit that also seems to indicate battery’s charge. Gave 4 star durability because of plastic cutting blade though it seems to be sturdy enough to just mix. Thank-you!

  12. Eleanor (verified owner)

    The bottle is aesthetic and build quality looks good. Also it mixes whey protein fairly well (haven’t tried it with other stuff). I took one star off because the video ad shows you can throw a banana in and it would blend it. Definitely false! It struggled to handle the banana and got stuck at times even if the banana was cut into pieces before putting it in. I had to press the button 6 times for multiple rounds of mixing and even after that the drink was super clumpy. So it’s a fail if you add banana, but it works great if it’s just protein mix and milk.

  13. Tyler (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.Seems gimmicky, but I assure you….it\’s awesome.I love this cup.I actually posted a review video and then a 30-day review video over on YouTube (search FizznessShizzness to see them).My Voltrx cup is the only cup I have used since I got it in the mail. And now about 60 days later, it\’s just as great of a cup as when I first got it. It mixes thoroughly. It\’s well made. It cleans easy. It charges fast. Basically, it\’s awesome.I really thought it was just a silly gimmick, but I was wrong. Yes, you COULD keep mixing your powders the old fashioned way…but once you try the Voltrx cup, you won\’t want to. Ever.My only complaint is that I wish I had more of them :)

  14. Isaac (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  15. Ahn (store manager)

    Looks cool and easy to use

  16. Amanda (store manager)

    The product is outstanding! It feels and works amazing! NOOO more chunks and the battery life is great! Very portable, light, and QUITE! Easy to clean ^_^

    I use it everyday. It mixes 3 scoops of Naked Mass with no issues.

    VOLTRX takes customer service very seriously, I had an issue and they resolved it perfectly within two days. It was immensely refreshing.

  17. Jean Leechan (store manager)

    This cup is amazing! It blends my protein powder, pre-workout, and other supplements beautifully! It works so well, I recently purchased my second VOTRX cup for use at my place of employment. Easy to use, easy to clean and also pretty cool to look at, thanks to the lights at the base of the cup, I recommend this cup to all of my friends.

    Also, I had my first cup malfunction after several months of daily use, so I contacted customer service as these cups have a one year warranty. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they responded! Needless to say, I will continue recommending this product to any and all that will listen!!!

  18. Michael (verified owner)

    First, the delivery was earlier than expected Second, Color was perfect as advertised Third, Quiet Blender and has a timer on its own no need to watch for it;Forth, Love the effect and how my powder is blending.Perfect for daily use..

  19. Yoshihito (store manager)

    So first off the first bottle I ordered from amazon stopped working after one use but after contacting support through email they shipped another one free of charge and they gave me a option of which color and chose red (wich I definitely recommend) at first I had black. Now I will say that this shaker works like a charm. I put mass gainer protein (wich is thicker than regular protein) and mixes it smoother than I ever had on any regular shaker bottle. Also not a hassle to clean since it only has two parts (the cap and bottle itself) all in all satisfied with this purchase

  20. Ali A. (store manager)

    I used it today
    (+)The mixing process is good I used protein powder and it was smoith drink and its not noisy….light weight and the lights make it elegant

    (-)Put inside a strawberry cut into 2 halves…the blender didnt cut the fruit as the material is made of plastic and its not a sharp metal so I wont recommend it for fruits or heavy stuff..its more practical for powdered structure .

  21. Ryan B. (store manager)

    So easy to use, with usb charger. Works like a charm. I had a shaker that cracked when it was in my luggage during a bus trip. Customer service response was great!!

  22. Frank B.S. (store manager)

    Product held up for about 6 weeks or so. I really liked using this mixer for mixing supplement powders. Although the electronics is what failed me (no longer spins or lights up), the actual construction is solid. They mention the Voltrx having the IP58 water resistance certification. I’m highly doubting this since I barely got the device wet and the electric “puck” shorted on me. Its great that thia mixer is backed by a 12-month warranty. I intend to use my warranty and will update thia review when I receive my replacement!

  23. Julian (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

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