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How to use shaker bottle

At present, there are two main types of shaker bottle, one is the traditional shaker cup with a blender ball invented in the late 1990s, and the other is the electric shaker cup invented around 2018. The two shakers have very different mixing methods, and of course both can make a smooth milkshake. Traditional Shaker Bottle The method of using a traditional shaker bottle is easy. 5 steps required. Step

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A shaker bottle that doesn’t require manual cleaning

The Voltrx electric shaker bottle is the easiest to clean on the market. When cleaning, you only need to put the cup under the faucet to receive water, then click the start button with your finger to start up the stirring blade rotating at high speed stir up the clean water, and let the clean water automatically clean the cup. If your mug is not cleaned immediately after use, it is

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Why You Should Use An Electric Shaker Instead Of A Traditional Shaker

Whether you are a fitness influencer, gym rat, or just a weekend warrior at the gym, staying hydrated is a key to proper health and quality workouts.  Electric shaker cups have come on the scene in the last few years and have gained much popularity. Many people wonder why they should use an electric protein shaker bottle instead of a traditional one. This article will share the 5 best reasons

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Simply and efficiently workout abs at gym

Workout good-looking Abs muscles is the goal of every fitness man. The Internet is full of various methods of exercising abdominal muscles, and there is no way to judge the effect. We recommend two simple and effective abs exercises for everyone (pro athletes also use): Hanging Leg Raises ❗ Raise your leg to exhale, lower your leg to inhale 1、Suspend yourself over the parallel bars at a dip station. 2、Bend

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When is the best time to drink protein powder?

After exercise or before exercise? Some people say that it is good to drink protein powder before exercise, and some people say that it is good to drink protein powder after exercise, so when is the best time to consume protein powder? The truth is, there are no particular times of day that require you to drink protein powder, there are just times of day when you need protein. And in

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7 Best Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Reaching your fitness goals can be an uphill battle. Not only are you trying to reverse your current bad habits physically, you are also trying to turn your negative thinking around.  Sometimes, the latter is the hardest part of reaching your fitness goals.  Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness.  In fact, I would argue that without a proper mental turnaround, a physical turnaround is the same as

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