VOLTRX VortexBoost Limited Electric Shaker Bottle

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Product Description

The End of Clumps: The VortexBoost is the next generation of wellness technology that is strong enough to blast away any clumps and turn your protein shake into a silky smooth moment of indulgence every time.

Easy Clean: Simply rinse your VortexBoost self stirring protein shaker under the tap without worrying about getting the base wet. Better still, you can switch on the self stirring protein shaker under running water for faster cleaning.

Stunning Colors: VortexBoost Limited features a colorful light up base that illuminates the cup and turns your shake whatever color you wish while blending.

For Thicker Powders: Engineered to easily blend 14oz (450ml) of milk or water and up to 5 scoops of powder, the VortexBoost USB C rechargeable vortex cup mixer is the perfect solution for silky smooth shakes every time.

What’s Included:

  • — VortexBoost Limited electric shaker bottle
  • — Charging USB C power cord
  • — VOLTRX Active Ainmated Packaging
  • — 12-month warranty
  • — World class customer service from a team of VOLTRX experts
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VOLTRX Electric Shaker Bottle

Are you ready for shake free

VOLTRX VortexBoost Limited Electric Shaker Bottle

Industry Leading Electric
Shaker Bottles & Shaker Cups

Often imitated but
never surpassed

lf you answered yes to the above, the VortexBoostelectric shaker bottle is the smarter choice.

Smooth Texture

Smash you shakes into oblivion for a silky-smooth drink with no powder lumps, clumps, or frothy foam. The built-in motor spins 6,000 times per minute to create a powerful vortex.

As unique as you

Express your fun personality with VOLTRX.This colorfulvortex shaker bottle is the newest generation in VOLTRXprotein shake mixers,and we' ve amped up theexperience. Easily click to change the color of your vortexLEDs and create your very own light show.

With a powerful vortex that instantlyblends even the thickest of proteinpowders, this advanced electric proteinshaker bottle from VOLTRX puts thecompetition to shame.

Simply add 14oz(450ml) of milk or waterto your electric shaker cup and switchon your VortexBoost portable proteinshake mixer.

When the liquid has a deep tornado'inthe centre,toss in your favourite proteinsupplement and seal with the whisperquiet lid.

Better still,VortexBoost electric shakerbottle feature customisable LED illuminationthat lights up the base when blendinggiving you an eye-catching show ofpulsating color.For silky smooth proteinshakes every time, trust only VOLTRX.

Crafted To Last

Count on this electric protein shake mixer to lastmany years.voltrx protein shake mixer bottle aremade of Tritan,this is the same material used tomake baby bottles that contains zero BPA, so youknow it's safe-and incredibly strong.lt looks andfeels just like glass, but is lighter and significantlymore durable.

In the box

Often Imitated, Never Surpassed

25 reviews for VOLTRX VortexBoost Limited Electric Shaker Bottle

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  1. Isabella (verified owner)


  2. Violet (verified owner)

    I use it to blend protein drinks every morning. I absolutely love it. Simple to use.

  3. Kai (verified owner)

    Wow. I’m totally delighted by this product and I love it when that happens.I needed a protein shake bottle that absolutely positively doesn’t leak. Period. I’m a busy athlete. I carry lots of stuff in my bag. I can’t have leaks. The bottle will get thrown around in the bag. It can’t leak.This product delivered awesomely, big time, completely.It’s been a solid 10 years since I bought a protein shake bottle. My last one got lost. I was trying to accomplish a few things. Here are my requirements.- Stop buying pre-mixed bottles of protein because it costs too much money, it creates too much plastic waste- Favor protein powder because the cost is lower and I’m wasting less plastic (especially when I can buy the powder in bulk by bringing my own bag)- No leaks – periodWhen I started shopping, I discovered that the market had evolved. For the same price of a good shaker bottle, I could get a bottle with a motor and blade at the bottom.So, I narrowed it down to the Voltrx and the Promixx.I realized that I carry my protein in my own separate container so I didn’t want the built in protein powder holder that the Promixx has. Also, a separate holder means the chances of problems occurring increase. I favored simplicity.The Voltrx also has a classic screw on cap. The Promixx doesn’t. I’m a little old school – caps with seals generally don’t leak.The Voltrx has a solid and thick carry handle which feels great in the hand.The 30 second auto-mix feature on the Voltrx is just absolutely fantastic. While it’s mixing, I can do something else. I really really like this feature.My workflow for how I use the Voltrx is:- put a little vegan cream liquid in it- add water to max line- add 2 scoops of Simple Orgain powder (20g protein)- close it all up- press button- throw it in my gym bag- 1 to 3 hours later, I grab the bottle, shake it, press the button, and consume- Come home and clean itCleaning is a little more tedious than a traditional shaker bottle but I don’t mind. The benefit of the product outweighs this. The product has electronics in it at the bottom so you have to keep the water away from the bottom. Here’s how I clean it.- Take lid off, rinse under water, rub inside of cap and lid with thumb, set to side to dry- For the bottle, I run water on the onside being careful to not get water on the outside- I used to use a soft brush on the inside but I find rubbing my hand on the inside works well; I also rub my fingers gently on the blade and under it- Set the bottle upside down to dry; I also wipe off water from the outside…just to protect the electronics- Overall, the plastic on the inside of the lid and bottle is super smooth and my powder doesn’t seem to stick to it- Cleaning takes about 60 seconds- I never remove the bottom where the electronics are. There’s no need to. Some of the other products have a workflow that requires you to do this.- Note that the bottom is IPX5-certified waterproof but I don’t want to lean on that. I am careful to keep the water off of it.Obviously, I choose the Voltrx and I am just super-thrilled about this product. Everything works great. I love USB C (world seems to be moving to this).Another reviewer said “Just get it.” They were right. It’s solid.Thanks Voltrx for making a great product.

  4. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    works much better than the shaker type. However, I use it for a powered protien drink and to start from scratch there does not seem to be enough poor to blend it effectively. I end up blending then scraping with a spoon to get all dry ingrediants blended. It is great if you have a premixed drink that you need to blend throughout the day.

  5. Aaron (verified owner)

    For me the hardest part about sticking to a protein shake regimen is cleaning up the blender and repeating the process. This handy little shake mixer is perfect for those always in a hurry, but conscious of their health and protein intake. Now I’m able to simply add water and a dash of dishwasher soap to the mixer and quickly clean and rinse. The small USB-C motor and base easily twists off and on, making this great for those on the go and wanting a protein shake on the fly as a meal replacement or post workout after work. I highly recommend this mixer bottle, and P.S. it’s strong enough to add a spoon of creamy peanut/almond butter to your your favorite protein powder. I would recommend adding large scoops off protein powder 1 at a time. Let run through the mix cycle and add another, then if you so choose add your small tablespoons of PB or AB one at a time. Whey to go VOLTRX!

    Image #1 from Aaron
  6. Julie (verified owner)

    Bought this because I got tired of clumps with the blender cups and it was a hassle carrying my magic bullet to work to mix up my protein. I needed something lightweight, sturdy, long battery life (I’m always forgetting to charge stuff until it’s too late) and most importantly something that would blend peanut butter completely with the protein powder. This product checked all those boxes. I was a little worried when I noticed the blender piece was plastic but so far it has held up perfectly. Not only is it all of these things but it’s pretty and lights up when blending. Definitely recommend and plan to buy other colors.

  7. natalya (verified owner)

    I love this new toy

  8. tavirus Addison (verified owner)

    Best cup I’ve ever lose by far.

  9. Kevin (verified owner)

    *Update* In short Excellent Customer Service. Replaced my broken bottle free of charge.In detail, after reading some reviews of the amazing customer service, I reached out to the company via their website rather than returning to Amazon. I received a reply same day directing my to a link with a form to be filled out. I am not as tech savvy as I used to be and had issues filling out the form (me problems). I reached back out to the company with all the requested information via email (including a short video of the base not working) and the issues I was experiencing. Again, within a day, I received a response informing me that a new bottle was on its way, free of charge and no need to return the defective bottle. It arrived today, works perfectly. Highly recommend this product and the service they stand behind.*Original* Was looking for something to blend my protein and landed on this after doing some research. The bottle looks and feels to be of great quality and build. Unfortunately, my bottle arrived with a non working base. When plugged it, the base does a strange patterned random light show. When unplugged, no matter how many times I press the power button or in what sequence, literally nothing happens. I contacted customer service due to the reviews of the great response. I will update this once I am finished with the process.

  10. Troy Mercer (verified owner)

    I love the power and look of this. I’ve bought both the black one and the blue/red one. The battery lasts a while, and the mixing is thorough. I use it just about every day. It’s incredibly durable. It looks great on my counter as well.

  11. catlady (verified owner)

    I’ve had this for one month, and I’ve never had a problem with it.

    After turning it on, I mix one scoop of my protein powder with12 ounces of skim milk, it mixes for 30 seconds, and I have a delicious breakfast!

    I’ve only given it one full charge at the time I received it (as suggested) before my first use, and I haven’t had to recharge it yet.

    The colors of the bottle are bright and patriotic as well!

  12. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Love this shaker for my protein shakes. 😋

  13. Dennys Ayala (verified owner)

    What can i say, it does it job well with swag and to make things better it’s usb c. So no kinda slowish charge? Well tbh micro usb still charge well, but with usb c it charges very fast. So i can shake my thing with ease, Recommmend for any g fuel comrades

  14. Christopher (verified owner)

    Love it

  15. マスコットボーイ (verified owner)


  16. Ivan (verified owner)

    Son súper nice, fácil de cargar y buena potencia

  17. Angel (verified owner)

    The OLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle is a high-quality and innovative shaker bottle that makes mixing protein shakes and other supplements quick and easy. This bottle features an electric mixer that is powered by two AAA batteries, which provides a powerful and effective mixing action that ensures all your ingredients are fully blended.One of the best things about this shaker bottle is its versatility. It can be used for a variety of supplements, including protein powders, meal replacement shakes, and pre-workout drinks. The electric mixer ensures that all ingredients are fully blended and mixed, which means you get a smooth and consistent drink every time.The OLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle is also well-designed. It’s made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, and it has a leak-proof lid that prevents spills and leaks. The bottle is also easy to clean, with a removable electric mixer that can be easily washed and dried.Another great feature of this shaker bottle is its convenience. The electric mixer makes it quick and easy to mix your supplements, which means you can get your pre-workout drink or post-workout protein shake ready in no time. The bottle is also compact and easy to transport, making it great for taking to the gym or on the go.Overall, the OLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle is a great product for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to mix their supplements. Its powerful electric mixer, high-quality materials, and convenient design make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their workout routine to the next level.

  18. Caleb (verified owner)

    It so far has been easy to maintain and use and very easy to charge. Glad I gave this a try

  19. Aria (verified owner)

    Looks just like the photos. I was worried that the spinning part wouldn’t be strong enough to fully mix protein shakes, but my boyfriend LOVES this bottle- he asked me to order another for his birthday! Works super well and comes with a charging cord

  20. Amanda (verified owner)

    Great product and well packaged.30 seconds mix and super smooth shake.Recommend to add liquid/start mixer/add powder…. Do two 30sec mixes..Perfection!

  21. Chi (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for a friend and she was very happy with the product. I think it’s a great gift idea and it works decently well according to her.

  22. Lil cuban (verified owner)

    My son loves it… i dont understand why… all it does is light up and swish his drink around…lol

  23. Jordan (verified owner)

    Update: Just a few hours after reaching out to Voltrx they responded and had me fill out a form. They are sending me a new one immediately! The customer service is extremely kind/understanding of the mistake and I appreciate the speedy responses!I just received my “VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle” in the mail from Amazon just in time for my boyfriend’s birthday today. The box is damaged, and the top of the bottle was sticking out and somebody taped it in there. I was confused because this box isn’t the round one that it was advertised to come in, it’s rectangular and the product model says “ VoltrxBoost”. It obviously doesn’t fit into the box. I opened it even though it was supposed to be a present, and the plastic wrap it came in was already ripped open and the bottle seems to have been handled. I turned it on and it seems to work but reached out to the company to see if I can be sent a new one, haven’t heard back just yet. Will update my review once I hear back from them! I’m sure it’s a great product but I didn’t want to give this hot mess to my boyfriend as a gift.

  24. Grayson (verified owner)

    works much better than the shaker type. However, I use it for a powered protien drink and to start from scratch there does not seem to be enough poor to blend it effectively. I end up blending then scraping with a spoon to get all dry ingrediants blended. It is great if you have a premixed drink that you need to blend throughout the day.

  25. Paul (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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