Will the powder Shaker bottle have the same collection value as the doll?

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  In recent years, in the global market, the doll market is hot, but also led the IP peripheral products have been hot up, doll market from the early simplification, simple production style obsolete to the present exquisite workmanship. At the same time, more young people join the doll design and production industry and expand the doll style and aesthetic, so as to cater to more young people’s love.

  The market behavior of dolls is also changing, from early love to collection now, and with the continuous improvement of the value of some dolls, collection realization is gradually becoming a special economy.

  Figures are sought after by the market due to their distinctive characteristics, but also due to their character characteristics. Is it possible for Shaker Cup to be as collectible as figures in the market? The answer is yes. But there are limitations. It can’t be universal.

  In 2019, Starbucks launched a powder Shaker bottle with cat claws. Due to its unique design and lovely shape, it became popular in the market instantly. Due to the limited sales volume of the product, the price was raised from 199 yuan to 1200 yuan in the market in just a few days. There are still some portable Blender bottle cases like this, but it is still limited that electric Blender Water bottle can achieve such a hot effect as dolls. The reason is that portable Electric Protein Shaker bottle is a practical product with weak appreciation and unique personality, so even some Electric Shaker Cups are popular in the market.

Why is VOLTRX Electric Protein Shaker bottle more popular than other shakers?
What changes has the epidemic brought to the international market for plastic sports Shaker bottles?

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