Voltrx portable electric mixing cup makes it easy for you to say goodbye to hand-made protein powder

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  After having the electric protein shaker, you don’t have to shake any powder by hand. It’s very. Just press the button and you can stir it automatically. This electric blender water bottle is rechargeable. It can be used when there is no electricity. It has strong stirring power, low noise and easy cleaning

  Protein powder and various powders can be easily stirred evenly. There is no need to worry about caking. It is stirred evenly and finely. I love this protein shaker bottle so much. It matches sports very much

  Some time ago, I started a Portable Blender bottle recommended by my best friend. It’s really easy to use. Now I only love this protein shake water bottle. I don’t leave my hand at all! I can’t help Amway.

  Voltrx portable electric mixing cup

  The protein shake mixer bottle of voltrx has a volume of 600ml, which can fully meet the needs of daily life. The cup body also has a considerate scale line design and mixing function. It is suitable for making milk tea, coffee and substitute milkshake +!

  Sports shaker bottle also adopts large cup mouth design, which is also very convenient for cleaning. Moreover, the endurance is also very strong. It can be used for 1H at a time. I usually charge it once a half month.!

  I started with the blue model of his family. The color and shape are very advanced. It’s very nice to hold it in my hand.

  Happiness in life sometimes requires only one simple step, such as:

  This voltrx mixing cup can finally get rid of the impatience of agglomeration and uneven mixing of foam powder!!

  I was attracted by its appearance at the first sight. It has a streamlined shape and a large capacity of 600ml. It is comfortable to carry and will not slide. It is very convenient to carry.

  Breakfast – stir cereal, stir coffee before work, stir milk tea for afternoon tea, and stir protein powder after Yungong party. Don’t worry about whether to put powder or water first? Soak in hot water or flush in cold water? How to wash and stir without caking? Hahaha, have you started to get upset after listening to these? With voltrx mixer cup.

  Just press the button, the milkshake, coffee, cereal and milk tea are all easy to handle, and there is no pressure to stir with cold water!

  The sealing silicone rubber ring at the cup cover and the silicone sealing at the charging port at the bottom of the cup can also prevent slip, not afraid of falling and leakage. The details are careful everywhere.

Super protein shaker for lazy people
Electric shaker bottle with free hands, silky stirring, bid farewell to caking

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