Super protein shaker for lazy people

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  Personally, I like to drink water. I can eat less rice, but I have to drink more water. In addition, I have a dry skin, so I pay special attention to replenishing water.

  Two days ago, we started an electric mixing cup — voltrx electric mixing cup. There are many colors to choose from. I chose the lime color, because I think it is particularly matched with this color in spring and summer. I feel that this voltrx electric mixing cup can be used as a camera artifact, whether it is used as picnic props or street photography accessories, or it is more eye-catching.

  Because it’s a diamond cut cup, it’s very dazzling in the sun!

  Press the button on the base, the protein shake mixer bottle can shine, and then the one button mixing mode will be turned on. I usually carry a milkshake or sheep milk powder outside. After about 30 seconds, the mixing is basically completed, and the whole is relatively uniform. Open the switch button on the top of voltrx electric mixing cup with the last button, and it’s OK~

  The cup lid latch has a strong sealing property. I tried shaking it several times and no water drops were exposed. After drinking, remove the base and press twice to turn on the automatic cleaning mode. This is quite convenient because I am lazy.

  It is suggested that one electric blender water bottle be provided for each person. Do not underestimate this simple blender water bottle, which will stir automatically. Stir my soy milk powder and protein powder super evenly

  Now I brew with cold water. With this mixing cup, there is no bubble and caking. You can go out with powder and water at work. You don’t have to wash chopsticks anymore. It’s a super electric shaker bottle for lazy people.

My secret weapon for weight loss: Electric protein shaker bottle with automatic stirring
Voltrx portable electric mixing cup makes it easy for you to say goodbye to hand-made protein powder

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