My secret weapon for weight loss: Electric protein shaker bottle with automatic stirring

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  I wonder if you have gained weight recently? Anyway, I’ve been trying to lose weight recently!! During the weight loss period, I didn’t eat dinner. I usually drink a substitute milkshake with electric blender bottle, eat a fruit ~ or drink two or three spoonfuls of protein powder to supplement energy after fitness.

  Drinking a substitute milkshake for dinner still feels full, but it’s uncomfortable that it can’t be melted with an ordinary water cup. If you want to install it in a cup and shake it vigorously, it may not melt. This is not very convenient, 0mg~

  First of all, in use, the electric blender bottle can really solve the problem of hand caking before. This blender shaker bottle can be said to be the king of cost performance, because I use it very frequently every day.

  For dinner, I pour a spoonful of substitute milk powder and a 250ml bottle of milk into the cup every time, press the start button, and a delicious and silky substitute meal is simply completed. At the same time, you can also bring fruit juice, breakfast powder and protein powder. This shaking cup is designed to automatically stir and dissolve powder! So I don’t worry about idling at all. It’s worth it.

  The mixing blade is designed very well and has strong power. The electric shaker bottle uses a powerful carbon brush motor and high-speed mixing up to 5600 rpm, which can quickly mix meal substitute powder or protein powder, so that they can fully disperse in the water without pressure. It is very suitable for fitness / carrying out / lazy cancer patients to drink powder every day, and enjoy the convenience of mixing anytime and anywhere.

  Let’s talk about the colors of sports shaker bottle. There are still many choices. For details, you can see it on the merchant page. I chose between pink and white for a long time, and I had tangled diseases. Finally, I chose the more versatile white. It really didn’t disappoint me when I came back. It’s very good-looking. In fact, I think pink should also be very good. Sisters can try it.

  The bottle body of the protein shake mixer bottle is transparent and has the feeling of INS wind. Ha ha!

  The overall details are well done. The appearance has obvious scale, which is 600ml. The capacity is very large. It’s really super capable. It can hold a lot of water at a time. So now I will put this best protein shaker bottle in my bag and take it to exercise. There is no water leakage. The base is designed for charging, which is simple to use and coexists with appearance.

  Finally, let’s talk about the material. After receiving the opening of the protein shake water bottle, there is no smell at all. The texture is also very good when holding it in your hand. The electric shaker bottle uses plastic imported from tritan of the United States. I checked it. It is an EU baby food material and has passed many authoritative certifications in developed countries. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about the material health.

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