Electric shaker bottle with free hands, silky stirring, bid farewell to caking

  Regular fitness partners must be inseparable from protein powder and protein bottle shaker, so this voltrx portable electric protein shaker bottle is definitely a close and good helper after your fitness.

  Friends who often exercise must be inseparable from protein powder and electric blender bottle. In order to shake well without caking, they usually need to shake vigorously for a period of time. It’s normal. If they practice hard… It’s really hard to take a cup, and they have to comfort themselves that shaking protein powder is the last group of exhaustion group.

  If you were given an best electric shaker bottle that does not need to do it yourself, does not agglomerate, super silky and can switch modes, would you still choose the traditional shaking cup?

  The answer is of course –no~, voltrx shaker bottle electric is a high-quality shaking cup that can liberate both hands and improve efficiency in an all-round way. It is faster and more stable than shaking by hand, and the mixing effect is better. It does not agglomerate and stick to the cup, which greatly reduces the sense of particles. The motor has been tested and debugged for thousands of times to the torque and speed that can fully stir powder and liquid, Very quiet when in use.

  It is easy to use. The base is detachable and has its own breathing lamp to monitor the power at any time. A switch button and a charging interface are very clear and simple. Press the button to switch the mode, long press to see the power, and press once to stir for 30 seconds. This is the common time to stir protein powder and other supplements, which can stir the protein powder thoroughly without leaving particles.

  Press twice and stir for 100 seconds to clean the best electric blender bottle, fill it directly and stir it.

  After mixing, I believe everyone knows that it is also very important to wash the cup after drinking protein powder. If you can’t wash it clean, the taste is particularly bad. Compared with brushing the cup with a sponge, fully automatic mixing can clean the dead corner residue better than manual mixing, saving time and worry.

  It can be used continuously for 20 minutes at full power. The battery capacity is very good. In addition to protein powder supplement, it can also be used as a simple beverage mixer, including milkshake, coffee and even some viscous sesame paste. It is very convenient to put powder, pour water and press the switch in three simple steps. You can easily enjoy a smooth drink in 30 seconds.

  The overall material of voltrx protein shaker bottle electric is also a very safe and environment-friendly tritan material, which has high strength and does not contain BPA. You can pour cold water and hot water. It is safe and assured. The scale mark on the cup body can clearly know how much water is needed for different granules. It is very convenient, including the tightness of the cup cover. Opening the cover with one hand is very suitable for sports scenes.

  For the fitness crowd, such a convenient and fast gym shaker bottle electric for brewing protein powder supplement is very necessary. In addition to saving trouble, it can also save a lot of time. The large capacity and high-intensity cup body can not only be taken to the gym, but also suitable for outdoor sports scenes. There are a variety of color options, It is a necessary high-quality vortex electric protein shaker for fitness lovers.

Voltrx portable electric mixing cup makes it easy for you to say goodbye to hand-made protein powder
Thanks to this electric shaker! Finally, you don’t have to stir it!

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