I bought such a surprised protein shaker mixer for the first time in ten years of exercise and fitness

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  For more than 10 years, I have been using a knife to stir milkshakes in a glass. The noise drove my boyfriend crazy. So we have this best electric shaker bottle! Not only did the clanging disappear, but the milkshake tasted better. No more lumps! The protein shaker is 100% smooth, bubbly and delicious. Creatine will also dissolve and no longer have a sandy texture.

  Please note that the lid of the electric mixer cup needs to be “closed”. It took me a few days to realize this. Sometimes I think I break the plastic milkshake bottle and shake it, and the protein milkshake will leak everywhere. You really need to fill the blender with bottles so that both sides will get stuck. Then the protein bottle was sealed and nothing came out.

  I have been using elemental diet. Protein powder is in powder form. When I put the protein powder into the blender, the protein powder became too full. This shake flask is really sealed. However, you must make sure that the clamp is tight. You may hear a clicking sound, but it is not very loud. I find it difficult!

  I like that the protein shake mixer machine has no peculiar smell after washing, because some protein shaker cups can smell the contents. The size of the mouth fits me well. The only minor problem is that the nutri ninja protein shake blender is a bit too big for a car cup holder. This may really be one. But it doesn’t matter.

  Plastic film is obviously effective because the portable protein shake mixer electric is as effective as a mixer.

Use VOLTRX electric shaker machine for fitness exercises to help you stay healthy
Have you used the easy-to-clean and durable voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle?

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