Have you used the easy-to-clean and durable voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle?

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  I bought this VOLTRX protein shake mixer to mix my morning protein shake. I have to admit that I very much doubt whether the portable mixing flask will work. But I was surprised. I put soy milk and protein powder in and shaken it and got a very smooth shake. again and again. Even better, it is easy to clean. I wash by hand because I don’t have a dishwasher, so this is a big advantage.

  The vortex mixing bottle is easy to use and hold. I should also mention that my protein shake is vegetarian. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  Voltrx premium bartender mixer cup has been used for nearly 2 months. I usually change the vortex mixer bottle more or less every three months.

  portable protein shaker bottle

  -easy to clean! My hands are stuffed with sponges. Of course, it’s tight for my big hands, but it fits well.

  -I like the transparency of the bottle.

  -not easy to break.

  -As long as it is closed, it will not leak out, especially in the mouth. You need to hear a click before shaking.

  Disadvantages of shaker bottle blender:

  -It’s really nothing.

  You get what you give.

  I would rather buy two Voltrx high-quality protein mixer bottles than a cheap electric protein mixer bottle. I like this. Easier to clean and durable.

I bought such a surprised protein shaker mixer for the first time in ten years of exercise and fitness
Thanks to this electric cup mix! Black technology mixing more evenly!

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