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electric baby bottle mixer

  As we all know, protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. For those who are strengthening their muscles, the muscles will suffer varying degrees of damage after training. Protein is the raw material for muscle repair. After training, supplementing enough protein will better repair and grow muscles.

  For me, protein is an important nutrient that cannot be ignored in the process of fitness and fat loss. Especially after exercise, supplementing protein is my happiest thing. Stir the protein powder in the electric protein shaker and drink it in one gulp. It’s really satisfying.

  Design highlights

  Voltrx electric protein shaker bid farewell to the cumbersome and ugly design, redefines the mixing cup, and presents every detail exquisitely.

  The transformation of the electric shaker bottle component structure. Many improvements make the electric kettle more delicate and durable than ordinary mixing cups, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful combination of convenience and technology.

  Lightweight and convenient design, more suitable for carrying. Strong stirring power, more suitable for supplementing protein after exercise. Stirring can make the powder more delicate.

  Materials Analysis

  With the innovative research and development of the D-shaped design, the shaker bottle electric cup body and base can be separated at will, which is more ingenious, convenient to clean and use, and improves user convenience. The electric kettle strictly uses food-grade materials to ensure the health of you and your family. The chic shape looks more beautiful and elegant.

  Protein mixer The spiral stirring rod is designed to stir evenly, with more complete functions, creating a more excellent process.

  Functional innovation

  The lightweight and convenient design is more suitable for carrying around. The innovative eddy current technology makes the middle fine and the mixing efficiency higher.

  is the first to introduce the compound machine, forming a closed loop with the stirring rod, getting rid of the single stirring mode, adding solid materials to make it stronger.

  Eddy current lamination technology, finer design. The dual-cell lithium battery lasts longer, and the best milkshake bottle is easy to use when you go out to work out.

  For people who lose weight and fitness, long-term aerobic exercise is inevitable in the process of weight loss. Long-term aerobic exercise will not only consume body fat as energy, but also lose muscle. Therefore, it is important to supplement protein after exercise to minimize muscle loss.