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I love this portable electric protein shaker. I’ve used many of these protein shakers before. So far this is the best.

When I tried the ketogenic diet a few years ago, I found that the caffeine in the swirl bottle was a problem. Of course, I’m not a coffee drinker, but a fan of energy drinks. With keto, you can’t eat sugar, so I started trying things like “player fuel.”

This is my trick before adding the spoon. Open the lid and start the blender. The protein shake bottle didn’t spill water. I was surprised because the water was spinning. Start adding protein little by little. Swirl twice until the protein shake mixing bottle closes and add more water. To repeat, I like to swirl and shake the personalized shaker bottle, so be sure to pinch the cap to prevent accidental spills.

I initially got a vortex blender bottle without the traditional “shaker” type of machinery. I found that I was getting tired of the blades on the lids and the clunky method needed to clean electric protein bottles, so I embarked on these battery adventures.

I like this because it’s easy to clean. The lid is completely closed and cleaning is not too complicated. The clear plastic body is completely detached from the base, which means cleaning is easier and you no longer have to worry about water getting into the electronics.

The protein shake blender is quieter than the shaker with a spherical blender, and the blender motor can be charged. I only put powder and nut butter in it. Ice or other hard or insoluble things are not recommended.

Overall, this is a great vortex bottle unit. I actually don’t know if the best portable mixer bottle has a light, it seems a bit redundant, but so far the battery life is the best I’ve tried, so I don’t have much to complain about.

I also like the vortex that the protein mixer bottle creates when mixing liquids. The protein shake jar has an automatic timer built into the vortex jar, so you press the protein shake jar, the best electric shaker cup to blend, and then automatically shuts off when the cycle is complete.

How long will the VOLTRX Protein Blender last?
Introduced by a friend, the VOLTRX shaker is the best.

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