How long will the VOLTRX Protein Blender last?

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The protein shake shaker bottle is very easy to use, clean and sturdy. Things are super cool. It’s really easy to use and clean. The fun shake bottle made my raw milk froth all the way out, and it was so good, I quit the powder. Great for mixed protein drinks, won’t do those little protein balls like a mixed ball. Protein shake shakers are also great for amino energy, as shake shakers are hydrophobic and don’t like mixing with water.

The protein shake mixing bottle does a good job of mixing in this regard. I wish they would make a glass version of the vortex mixer bottle with small metal blades so the electric protein shaker could be used for things like coffee. Probably glass with removable silicone protector.

It’s good at stirring my protein powder. I used to leave chunks in the bottom of my drink and personalized protein shake bottles. This is not a problem.

I love this blender! Use it multiple times a day without a problem! Mixed my before, after, protein shakes, no problem.

This is very convenient for me to mix protein powder on the go. The Anime Shaker is recharged with a mini USB cable and can be charged continuously for a long time.

I like this mixer. I shake the electric mixer and it works with me. I like to keep my replacement shakes in a separate section. The protein shake shaker bottle works great! Easy to charge. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Excellent protein supplement and smoothie shaker.

The battery life is excellent, requiring only one charge on the day of shipment until 2 weeks (so far).

Easy to use and clean.

The glass shaker is powerful and has a long battery life. I think my protein shakes taste better with a electric shaker bottle than with a blender bottle. Shaking the electromechanical shaker eliminates shaking. I was impressed with the battery life.

Have you ever used a protein blender that doesn’t clump?

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