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I’ve been using this best portable blender for a week or so. I use an electric protein shaker to mix protein powder, crushed ice, frozen mixed berries with no problems. The protein powder blended well and the ice cubes didn’t seem to cause any problems with the blender. Most of the berries were intact, but didn’t expect an electric protein bottle to break like a steel blade blender.

It’s great to take 15-30 minutes to finish the smoothie and stir it again to keep it delicious and smooth. This shaker looks durable. It holds ice cubes for up to 30 minutes and keeps shakes cool. And the lid and drinking water outlet are well sealed and won’t leak.

I love this gadget! This is a mobile blender! The Voltrx electric shaker actually makes a great smoothie mix.

Very easy to clean; hand wash with lukewarm water and dish soap will do.

Fun Shaker says the electric shaker bottle is dishwasher safe, but I wouldn’t risk it since it charges with USB.

This cup is also very durable. I put the electric protein shake shaker on the tile floor in the kitchen and the electric protein powder shaker is still perfect.

The electric protein blender bottle also keeps my smoothies longer than regular cups. The electric blender bottle is double-layered, so it has a certain degree of insulation.

I almost forgot my favorite part. When your smoothie, smoothie, or anything settles and separates, you just hit the button and remix in the protein shaker!

All in all, you get what you pay for. For such an excellent glass protein shaker, most people will pay more!