Fitness people must use protein shake Mixer bottle to drink protein powder. Why not recommend ordinary cups?

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  You know, a lot of people drink protein powder every day, you shake it up before you drink it, you need to use an electric Blender water bottle, is that a little bit too much?

  If you are consulting a reliable “protein powder player”, you are sure to recommend the use of shaking cups, manufacturers have even launched electric shaking cups, general special protein powder shaking cups, the cup has a swing spring up and down, the purpose of doing so is only one: let the protein powder fully dissolved into the water.

  Why not recommend regular drinking glasses? Most ordinary cups do not have the ability to shake the mixture well. At most, you can shake the mixture a few times with the lid on or with a spoon. There is a problem, it is difficult to completely mix the protein powder and water evenly, even granular.

  Unshaken protein powder enters the body’s intestines and stomach and requires extra water, which may give the appearance of inadequate absorption. This is why the veteran fitness drivers recommend the use of protein powder shaker. Since all the protein powder cans have been bought, it does not cost much to buy a professional sports Shaker bottle.

  Finally, it is recommended to use protein shake bottle to rinse protein powder with cold or warm water, because hot water will lead to protein denaturation and affect the efficient absorption of protein powder. Of course, the amount of water can not be too little, too little nature can not be fully dissolved. Too much water can lead to poor taste. General protein powder can have usage instructions, use according to usage is the most scientific.

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