The after-sales service of voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is very good!

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  The overall best electric blender bottle is great. The manufacturer’s customer service is great.

  Electric protein shaker cup is easy to use.

  Electric shaker mixer is easy to clean.

  The charging time and available time when the portable electric protein shaker bottle is fully charged are very reasonable.

  I use protein shaker bottle every day. Protein shaker bottle can mix my protein powder well. It can be used in all types of solvents.

  Try not to use any type of solid directly, because the purpose of this protein mixer cup is not to work like an electric mixer.

  The protein mixer cup I ordered is a little defective, and the transparent surface of the portable electric protein shaker bottle is a little leaking. Yes, but I’m not happy. I have to wipe off the leaking liquid every once in a while.

  There is a lifetime warranty card in the box of this product. I used the protein shaker bottle to send an email to the manufacturer’s customer service. I was very satisfied with their response time < 24 hours, and they quickly sent me a replacement product in about 2-3 days. The new miixr Pro electric shaker bottle is free from leaks or any other defects. I am very satisfied with miixr electric shaker bottle and their customer service.

  It’s just bad luck to get a leaking protein mixer cup. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Fitness people must use protein shake Mixer bottle to drink protein powder. Why not recommend ordinary cups?
Voltrx electric protein shaker bottle is perfect! It’s worth a try!

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