Ten tips for beginners when they go to the gym

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  1. When to ask for advice

  People in the gym are cold and warm, and many are willing to share their experiences, but one taboo is never to talk to others while they are exercising.

  If you have questions and want to consult others, you must be careful about the time, usually in the exercise group rest time, about 30s-60s time is free, or when changing clothes and taking a shower.

  2. Don’t rest on the equipment

  Exercise requires concentration. The equipment in the gym is limited, so you can’t sit on the equipment for a long time to rest and play with the phone, which is easy to cause resentment.

  3. Pay attention to hygiene

  When exercising, many people will bring a towel, which can be convenient to wipe sweat, but sometimes they will feel the towel is in the way, and casually put it on the equipment next to it, which is absolutely forbidden, because your sweat will dirty the equipment, measure another person by oneself, would you like to work out on other people’s smelly sweat?

  4. Don’t take off your shirt

  It’s not about your body, it’s all about your quality. It’s really good to go topless in public. Even Shwasinger works out with her top on.

  5. Don’t take too many selfies

  The primary purpose of bodybuilding is for beauty, just be healthy next, take a selfie to see oneself labor achievement is excusable, but you practice two take a selfie is you are wrong, beware others see fool so look at you.

  6. Work more, talk less

  The purpose of fitness is not to show off, so before you have not done it, do not easily to teach others how to do, half-baked is the most annoying, just learn something to sell, this kind of exercise attitude is not good.

  7. Be reserved

  Gym handsome boy beauty is particularly much, and figure is particularly good, but you want missish, this fitness fitness, do not casually hook up with others, others go to gym can be very serious.

  8, pay attention to cleaning

  It is a habit of many fitness enthusiasts to drink protein powder while exercising, but remember to clean it immediately and quickly after drinking the electric Shaker bottle.

  9. Keep quiet

  In fact, the gym is similar to the library, which is also a quiet place. Others are concentrating on exercise, so when you put down the equipment, you must be gentle, and even if you need to shout when doing strength exercise, it is ok, just be careful not to shout too ecstasily.

  10. Don’t exercise with makeup

  Do not wear makeup when exercising, because you will sweat when exercising, your pores will be fully opened, cosmetics will be easily blocked in the pores, prone to acne, skin worse and worse.

  Why should I clean the Protein Blender bottle that has been consumed with white powder? Because if you don’t clean the sports Shaker bottle, it will stink. Let us understand these knowledge, but also let us exercise more have a healthy body!

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