Why is the electric shaker bottle so easy to use?

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  I’ve been mixing my protein shake with an ordinary jar without a blender. I used to agglomerate in those, and sometimes the powder got stuck where the side and bottom met. I doubt how helpful it would be to put a small piece of plastic like an egg beater there, but I can drink all my protein now! That stupid little plastic piece of protein shaker bottle created a miracle.

  I bought this protein shaker to consume non caking post exercise protein on my way home from the gym. No matter how many times I shake the glass with a wire stirring ball, there are still lumps in my drink. The only thing I notice is that you have to make sure your drink is not thick or makes it difficult. I started using a pure protein. When it was mixed with the recommended amount of water, it seemed to slow down because the drink would thicken too much because of the strength of the cup. I added a little water and started working again. Glass protein shaker can mix some charm. If you mix without covering, it will indeed spray a layer of mist from the protein shaker cup. This is my preference, because I like to add protein powder slowly to avoid caking again. It’s no big deal. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  I exercise during my lunch break and shake quickly before I go back to work. It makes me happy to know that I can shake the shaker cup while driving without risking spilling it anywhere or watching it leak from the side of the cover. In the long run, the additional costs now will exceed one leak in the future, and these will last for a long time without replacement (if any).

  I like how easy vortex protein shaker is to clean. When I heard about a small stirring tablet, I thought it would be painful to clean, but that’s not the case. Protein powder shaker is also very durable. I dropped a cup 20 times, but it’s still good.

  Put the appropriate water into the protein shake bottle, then put the protein powder in and press the button. 30 seconds later, it came out beautiful and smooth without caking.

  Cleaning up is also simple. We wash everything here by hand, but it only takes a few seconds to rinse it off. I didn’t stick anything. Protein shake blender bottle will wash off immediately! This is a must-have for a protein shake.

Voltrx vortex mixer bottle makes our life easier.
Why do you fall in love with voltrx electric protein shaker bottle?

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