Voltrx vortex mixer bottle makes our life easier.

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  I have been using these voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottles for many years. Not just because they quickly provide the expected function of protein milkshake after exercise; Even like an ordinary beverage container. I also use best vortex protein shaker to take Smoothie to work for breakfast every morning. Use these for almost everything.

  My wife used to go to work without breakfast. By lunchtime, she was obviously hungry… Neither nutrition nor health was ideal. She bought several such electric mixer cups and didn’t drink a protein milkshake at work in the morning. She had something to eat for breakfast and didn’t starve to death at lunchtime. I like these blender bottles very much. I bought different colors. They can enter the dishwasher. I put the protein cup mixer on the top of the dishwasher again and again without any problem. They never leak, and they are tough plastic. The color is beautiful. My only problem with them is that if I drink a cold drink, it will condense outside. So I always put it on a coaster or a folded paper towel. The quality of the VOLTRX electric protein shaker bottle is very good and worth a little extra money.

  You can find cheap imitations elsewhere, but I assure you the quality will not be so good. I’ve tried something cheaper. If the milkshake is too thin, it seems to flow out from both sides. I don’t know anything about the brand. Whatever the consistency, the milkshake will stay in the bottle until I finish drinking.

  These blender bottle electric look and feel expensive. High quality shaker cup. I bought these electric shaker cups for milkshakes and a blender bottle of appropriate size. You can track your water consumption through the measurements on the protein mixer bottle electric. They don’t refrigerate anything, but I don’t mind drinking water at room temperature.

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