What part of the push-ups to train the muscles

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  A person often fitness for people is a lot of benefits, such as muscle gain, maintain good health, improve the level of fitness and so on, after all, the body is their own, not for others to see, and in the fitness movement, many movements are very good, including push-ups is one. So, what part of the muscle do push-ups train? Here’s a look at it!

  What parts of the muscles do push-ups train

  1. back

  The back muscle exercise is the most easily exercised muscle parts in the push-up movement. Because we are completing the action, our body needs to lie flat on the yoga mat, this time to use the back strength so that our body can leave the ground, and is up. So the back muscles tightened backwards, can play an effective stretching effect.

  2. Legs

  Leg muscles are exercised because in the completion of the push-up movement, our legs are open and upward, so we need leg strength to support the legs can leave the ground, and always maintain this action. Although the legs are not very strenuous action, but in the process of maintaining the action, but also can clearly feel the legs sore, indicating that the action has an effect.

  3. buttocks

  If our back and legs are stretched upward to the sides, then we can also feel the hip muscles tightening, so that we can effectively exercise the hips, thus playing the role of buttocks.

  4. arms

  When doing push-ups, we need to lift our hands upward, and hands straight open, need to keep this action, and leg training is very similar, the arms also need to go through the process of persistence, so can effectively exercise to the muscle.

  Prone push-ups correct practice

  1. lying prone on a flat chair, keep the abdomen in the upper part of the bench and keep parallel to it. Keep the top of the chest and head hanging off the edge of the bench. 2.

  2. Place your feet under the chair and hook them to the bench to keep your body stable as the initial part of the movement. Place your hands on either side of your head and place your fingers in contact with your ears.

  3. Bend the elbow joints of both arms and expend the elbow joints outward to lift the upper torso upward off the surface of the bench about 8 to 12 inches.

  4. Slowly and carefully move the upper torso down to the initial position. Repeat the set.

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