What are the chest muscle exercise methods

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  When we work out, the chest muscle is a muscle that we all like to exercise, but to exercise the chest muscle is delicate, is to have the right method, in fact, you can use dumbbell upward incline bench press, seated bench press, Smith bench press and other movements to exercise the chest muscle. So, what are the chest muscle exercise methods? Here’s a look at it!

  1. dumbbell upward incline bench press

  The two legs open supine on the bench, at this time we hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of our chest position. When our body condition is adjusted, we push our hands parallel upward until our arms are straight, then retract the arms and restart the action. Each time adhere to complete about 20 to 30, once completed three groups, each group interval can be 60 seconds. Note that the best chair incline is between 45 degrees to 60 degrees best.

  2. seated bench press

  Sit on the equipment, back to lean back, to ensure that the body is straight state, adjust breathing, hands hold the grip next to the body will be adjusted to push forward, so that the arms can straighten forward, the equipment is also forward. When the arm to the limit, and then bend the elbow to retract the arm, 30 times for a group to complete the action, each time you can do three sets of movements, this action is safe and reliable and can effectively exercise chest strength.

  3. Smith bench press

  Body leaning on the bench, the barbell is on the equipment at this time. At this time, we open our hands slightly wider than the shoulders a palm position, hands holding the barbell, when we adjust the body state, we push upward until our arms upward, but in a straight state, and then put down the arms, restart the action.

  4. double bar arm flexion

  This exercise as a chest warm-up, the main focus is to build the lower chest. Elbows clenched, upper body leaning forward, chin inward, slightly containing the chest, whether the beginning or end to maintain this position, the bottom of the action do not put too low, so as not to cause too much pressure on the shoulder joints.

  5. Butterfly machine flying bird

  Adjust the height of the seat, keep the handle and shoulders at the same height, and maintain the bent state of the two arms. Note that the degree of opening of the two arms should be controlled, just open to the back plane, do not over open, otherwise it is easy to hurt the shoulder joint. When you start to exercise, the weight should not be too heavy, and pause for 3 seconds when the internal intake, in order to achieve the effect of fully squeezing the pectoralis major muscle.

  6. prone barbell push-ups

  Lie prone on a bench with your legs hanging naturally on the floor. The action begins, we will fix the barbell above our chest, when we adjust the breathing, we can start to force, pushing up the barbell. Note that this time our elbows are 90 degrees, and we push up the barbell, arms as far as possible to the sides of our body open up. Then slowly recover the action and start again.

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