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  How a person to exercise the abdomen, in fact, there are many exercise movements, mainly rolled abdomen, supine leg raise, Russian turn and other movements, of course, no matter what exercise movements have a very good exercise effect, but some movements are suitable for indoor, some movements are suitable for outdoor. So, what are the abdominal exercise movements for girls at home? Here’s a look at it.

  Curly belly

  Lie on the yoga mat, adjust the state after we use the abdominal force, so that our back can leave the ground, this time the legs are bent knees, until our elbows can touch the knee position, this time we then lie down well. Note that the back is always kept off the ground, a set of 30 to complete the action.

  Supine leg raise

  Lie on the yoga mat, this time we straighten our legs together, use abdominal strength and leg strength together, so that our legs can be upward stirrups, and legs and the ground to maintain a vertical state, try to let our hips can also leave the ground. Adhere to this action to complete 30 times a set.

  Russian turn

  First of all, to do this action, you need to sit on the floor, and then two feet slightly off the ground, so that their spine bent, and use the abdominal force, then, you can exchange back and forth to turn the body, so that the internal and external obliques and rectus abdominis will be contracted. It should be noted that when turning the body, we can keep a heavy object in both hands, you can use a medicine ball to increase the weight. Although the body in the turn, the amplitude is relatively large, but also to ensure the stability of the core parts Oh.

  Flat support

  At the beginning of the action, the first need to make a push-up state, but not that we should be told to use the palms of the hands to support the body, in fact, the forearms to support the body, and the feet are also needed at this time together. The body in general, or parallel to the ground, so this time the core of the body to maintain a more tense state. Can adhere to a minute or so, and no posture change in the middle, even breathing, can ensure, then this action is even more successful.

  Straight leg up

  Lie flat on the yoga mat, legs together and straight, adjust your position, lift your legs upward with force, and pay attention to the abdomen is tightened and force at this time. When the legs rise up until our hips also leave the ground, has reached the limit, you can put the legs down and relax well, and then start working again, once completed 30 times as a group, a day can be carried out 3 to 5 groups.