What is the standard action of the arrow squat

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  For the arrow squat, I believe we are not unfamiliar, and in the training movement, arrow squat is an easy to train, of course, often do arrow squat is a lot of benefits, such as exercise muscle, enhance leg strength and so on, but want to have these benefits, the correct practice is very important. So, what is the standard action of the arrow squat? Let’s take a look!

  The standard movements of the arrow squat

  1. stand naturally, hands crossed or on top of the head, eyes forward, chin slightly tucked, abdomen tightened, keep the torso straight.

  2. exit the left foot back one step, keeping the right foot and knee in a straight line.

  3. Bend the right leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground.

  4. Hold the above position for 2 seconds, then slowly rise back to the initial position, and so on for 15 repetitions, then switch legs.

  What are the benefits of the arrow squat

  1. exercise muscle

  The arrow squat is a comprehensive hip and leg training action, the action process on the hip, leg and other muscle groups have a great stimulation, like the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, core muscle groups and other muscle groups can get a different degree of exercise.

  2. strengthen the legs

  Arrow squat is one of the most important strength training movements, the exercise of the leg muscles is particularly good, the correct arrow squat can strengthen the leg strength.

  3. Strengthen physical fitness

  Arrow squat is also very good to help improve physical fitness, core muscle groups, lower body strength training, are to form the main points of physical fitness, so by practicing arrow squat is able to shape a strong physical fitness.

  4. improve sports safety

  Most of the natural movements of the body, such as carrying, running, climbing, etc. are the lower limbs dominant role, climbing the most commonly used muscles, is the muscles of the legs. If the muscles of the legs are not strong, when climbing, it is easy to muscle legs weak, barely walking then easy to hurt the knee joint, lose balance and easy to fall and other injuries. So in the lower limb exercise, it is best to exercise the muscles of the legs first, so as to be safer, and improve your athletic ability!

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