Flat bench press practice where flat bench press how to practice

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  For the flat bench press, we are not unfamiliar, in fact, the flat bench press is a very famous movement in fitness, of course, often do the flat bench press is a lot of benefits, such as exercise arm muscles, exercise chest muscles and so on, but want to have these benefits, the correct practice is very important. So, where to practice the flat bench press? Flat bench press how to practice? Let’s take a look!

  Flat bench press where to practice

  Flat bench press is the main exercise is our arm muscles and our chest muscles, back muscles also have a certain exercise effect. Because we do the process of movement, our arms are always force, and the process of pushing the arms up, our chest also has a role in the expansion, so it can also play a very good effect of chest training. The back is in the process of arm recovery, can feel our back in the expansion.

  Flat bench press how to practice

  1. lie on your back on a flat bench, with both feet flat on the floor. Bend both elbows and hold a kinetic dumbbell with the eyes of the fist facing each other and the palms of the hands facing the direction of the legs, with the axis of the dumbbell located 1 cm above the nipples (middle of the pectoral muscles) against the chest.

  2. push upward, both elbows inward, and pinch the chest while pinching the elbows. The dumbbell is deflected slightly forward while moving upward in a parabolic trajectory. With both arms straight, the weight of the dumbbell is close to being on the support point of the shoulder joint. This will cause the bones to support the weight of the dumbbells (this is called “locking” when the bones, not the muscles, support the weight), making the pectoral muscles relax and affecting the exercise.

  Then, make the two straight arms open to the sides, both arms slowly bend, the dumbbells fall vertically, descending to the lowest point, that is, to do the upward push. Repeat.

  Flat bench press precautions

  1. Do not arch your back and hips or hold your breath, as this can cause the muscles to lose control and is dangerous.

  2. When starting, place the axis of the dumbbell 1 cm above the nipple (middle of the pectoral muscle) in order to get the pectoralis major to fire. If the dumbbells are raised on the shoulders, only the shoulder muscles can be exercised.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to spread both elbows and do the bench press with arms spread out on the side of the body, thus being able to complete the movement basically by pectoral muscle force only. Wide spacing when the main exercise pectoralis major muscle, narrow spacing when the main exercise deltoid.

  4. chest muscle exercise effect is not ideal. You can try upward inclined push-ups, lying on an inclined plate with a certain inclination (about 20-25 degrees), and then practice with the same weight of the barbell or dumbbell. Since the muscles are given a new stimulus from another angle, you will soon see new results.

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