Supine curls correct practice details

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  For supine curl, some people still understand, and in the training movement, supine curl is a very good action, but supine curl also has some instructions, such as the correct practice, that supine curl how to do the correct, or someone to understand. So, what is the correct practice of supine curls? Take a look at it!

  Supine curls correct practice

  1. at the beginning of our body lying flat on the yoga mat, keep the body naturally straight. At this time will be our legs upward flexion, keep the legs between the formation of 60 degrees. 2.

  2. arms naturally relaxed at the sides of our body, arms in the entire exercise process is not force. 3.

  3. at this time we use the waist and abdominal force, so that our body can be lifted upward, until our head can touch the knees, we then relax down to lie flat. 4.

  4. need to pay attention to, our back can not touch the ground, this time the abdomen is close to the ground, and always in the force. Then we move on to the next action.

  Supine curls how many per day

  Generally speaking, we control the amount of supine curls per day at 30 per group, 5 groups per day. But for newcomers, we can properly reduce the amount of exercise, so that our body has a process of adaptation, otherwise in the process of exercise is also easy to injury, or suddenly too much exercise leads to lactic acid can not be broken down at once, the back pain feeling. For newcomers, we can start with 3 groups of 20 per day, and when we get used to this amount of exercise, we can increase the amount of exercise appropriately.

  Supine curls precautions

  1. before doing supine curls best to move the muscles and bones, can twist the waist, lower back, so as not to exercise when the ligaments are strained.

  2. supine curly belly when it is best not to do in a soft bed, so it is easy to hurt the lumbar spine.

  3. supine curly belly when not to hold the head, so as to avoid neck injury, so the best hands around the chest or lightly pressed to the sides of the ears.

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