What are the training steps of Russian push-ups

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  When we are training, the training steps of Russian push-ups are very important, because only the correct training steps can make people have a better training effect, but whether it is prone push-ups or other sports, there are some particulars. What are the training steps for Russian push-ups? If you don’t understand, you can come and see

  Russian push-ups

  Russian push-up training steps

  The first stage:

  Strength training, because of the heaven-defying push-ups, strong muscle strength is needed for support. Must first do the upper body muscle strength. This alone requires a long process. The muscles of the shoulders, waist and abdomen are particularly important. In strength training, you should pay attention to the way you do push-ups. It is different from normal push-ups. When doing push-ups, place your hands backwards and move your center of gravity forward. The legs can be placed on the wall or on the stool, and the body can be rushed forward as much as possible. If you insist on training for a long time, you will feel that you gradually do not need to borrow the strength of the stool and the wall.

  second stage:

  The group body vacates steadily, each group maintains 5-10S, so that the total load time reaches 60S, the ultimate goal is that one group can maintain 60S, and after reaching the next stage.

  The third phase:

  Split-leg Russian push-up, 4 sets*30 seconds, or standing Hip Abduction (standing Hip Abduction) 4 sets*20-30 times.

  Fourth stage:

  Split-leg Russian push-ups, when the Russian push-up can last for 12-15 seconds, add 1) AdvanceTuckPlanchePushUp (that is, keep the AdvanceTuckPlanche posture to do push-ups) training, weight-bearing plank support (the weight is equivalent to your own weight, you can sit on your waist alone Keep the upper stable) 20S each group * 4-6 groups, according to this, you can practice split-leg Russian push-ups.

  last phase:

  Cross-leg Russian push-ups, push-ups, here, I must first congratulate you, you are already a strange person.

  How long can the Russian push-ups be successful?

  takes at least one year.

  Push-ups of this kind of bunker are too bad. Practicing Russian push-ups are the most difficult and slowest to progress, and the rate of progress is calculated in months. If you train properly, the time to practice this exercise may be one year for basic fitness enthusiasts. If the basics are not good for almost two years, it may take three years to be proficient in Russian push-ups, and not everyone can practice it. , Requires super perseverance and endurance, I hope everyone will stick to it.

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