voltrx electric shaker bottle started to change my life

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  The electric shaker changed my life. Over the years, I have used protein regularly and tried different brands based on the availability, taste and trade I found. Each brand and flavor has a different degree of mixing, most of which are shaken in ordinary bottles, causing a lot of confusion. I bought some protein recently. After exercising, I started to get tired of my chewing gum protein shakes, so I decided to see what was surprising about the juicer bottle.

  The fact is that the electric shaker bottle just worked. This small metal ball can do things you can’t do with ordinary protein shaker electric, mixing your protein into a smooth and delicious milkshake.

  Besides, the construction quality is also very high. I think it will last a long time.


  The metal ball perfectly blends your protein.

  Sturdy and thick plastic structure.

  Sturdy spiral top.



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