Voltrx electric protein shaker, which is practical and cool in the gym

  Always keep the habit of fitness. Go to the gym three times a week. After fitness, just drink a bottle of water is enough. Recently, I started to drink protein powder because I was strengthening my muscles. Therefore, I should also bring a shaker cup for taking protein powder. In the instructions for the use of protein powder, it is said that we must shake it evenly so that the protein can be better absorbed by the human body. The point is coming!

  Ordinary plastic cups are always shaken unevenly, and the taste of the entrance is not good. In order to stir evenly, sometimes you have to take a spoon to stir, which is very troublesome. Even if you buy a shaker bottle, you find that it is still very tired to shake manually, and it is also very difficult to clean the protein powder. So a friend recommended voltrx automatic electric protein shaker bottle.

  1. Diamond cutting surface appearance, double scale cup body

  This best electric shaker bottle is the appearance of diamond cutting surface. The base is also designed with cool atmosphere lamp. When stirring, it will produce a unique rotating light effect, and it will also have a full sense of ceremony when moving. The cup body is a double scale cup body. I can better master the supply amount. The maximum amount marked is 600ml. The cup can hold 700ml at most, which is more convenient to use.

  2. Baby can touch the material and pass the test safely.

  The cup body is made of tritan material without bisphenol A. It is the highest food grade material. It is baby food grade accessible material, which meets the national standard certification, which is also very beneficial to our health.

  3. It has its own safety buckle, so it is not worried about water leakage caused by accidental contact

  Voltrx, an electric blender shaker bottle, will not leak after the switch is locked, because it is a food grade leak proof cup cover. The cover contains silicon rubber rings, which will not leak even when it is inverted. It can avoid many embarrassing situations when used outside. There is also a safety latch at the switch. The switch locks the cup mouth upward. You don’t have to worry about water leakage caused by touching the switch by mistake. After tightening the cover, you can throw it into the backpack at will without wetting the whole bag.

  4. Intelligent mixing, low noise: strong motor, fast mixing

  As an electric blender bottle, of course, the most important thing is to stir the part of protein powder. The large-diameter cup mouth can easily add various powders, then press the key once and rotate for 30 seconds to quickly stir the powder. The powerful carbon brush motor has a speed of up to 5000 rpm. In this way, the high speed will not produce much noise, and the sense of use is very good. The taste of this stirred protein powder is very different from that I made manually before. It tastes dense, non granular and silky.

  5. Intelligent cleaning

  I dare say that most people have been smoked by the bad gas in their shaking cup because they forgot to clean the shaking cup in time. As a result, the moment they opened the cup cover, they were crushed by the odor shock wave. If the blender bottle is not cleaned in time, it will really kill your appetite every minute. However, with the voltrx electric blender water bottle, it is different. You only need to add water to the cup, press the button twice and rotate it for 100 seconds to quickly clean the inner wall. This operation can be completed in the gym. You don’t have to worry about taking the cup home to brush, but you forget that this situation reappears.

  6. Open the cover with one hand

  This electric blender shaker is also specially humanized in design. Whether I run outdoors or in the gym, I can open the cover with one hand and drink directly into my mouth. When my body needs to replenish energy, it can be replenished directly, which is cool and does not waste time.

  7. The base running lamp is equipped with the charging design of blind insertion magnetic suction contact at the origin

  The base of the electric shaking cup is designed as a running lamp. When charging, the power can be displayed. When using, the light flashes and the face value is super high. If you want to check the power, just press the switch for a long time. What I like most is its origin blind insertion magnetic suction contact charging design. There is no need to find a charging socket. It can automatically adsorb near the charging port, which is convenient for charging, automatically stops when full, and protects the battery from overcharging.

  8. Detailed design

  In addition, the voltrx electric bottle shaker also has some intimate details: the engine room base is firm and durable; the cup cover has a pull ring design, which is not only beautiful, but also very convenient to use. It is very fast to hang on your fingers or other places where you can hang.

  Besides using it to brew protein powder, I also tried it at home

  Various possibilities of voltrx, including meal shake, black coffee and even

  To honey, lemon sparkling water, smoothies.

  9. Summary

  This voltrx bottle shaker electric completely exceeds my expectations. It can be said that it integrates beauty and functions, and has completely become my good fitness partner. Now I can’t wait to take it anywhere. It’s too practical!

Voltrx electric protein mixer helps you keep fit
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