voltrx blender bottles are small and simple

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  This is not my first protein bottle. I have an old athlete with the same side marks. Tell me where to fill in. Clear and easy to read. I think if you don’t like washing dishes, you shouldn’t take this protein shake blender. I would say that hand washing guarantees the best cleanliness from all crevices, you will see other comments, please pay attention. If you are lazy, don’t buy it, but I don’t mind, because the dishwasher is my grocery store.

protein shaker bottle

  In general, I like the compactness of this protein shake blender. My milkshake is salted caramel, biscuits and cream. You only need a scoop of 8 ounces. If your protein or food needs more water, take a large protein shake blender. If you don’t need it, take a small protein shake blender to give your lunch more room to pale. If what you buy in the market is small, lightweight, compact, simple, and leak-proof, you must grasp this.

  just take a step back and say, there are only a few colors, compared to the old athlete mixer, there are more color choices.

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