Slightly graded Voltrx blender cups, better nozzle mechanism

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  This is a “premium” shake bottle mixer production line, with a rubber screw top and a (easier to use) 1/4 screw seal. The stylized strap around the bottle is said to be for “holding” and looks attractive, but it is difficult for adults to clean the inside of the bottle with their hands. For all products, this is a bit higher than standard blender bottles (but it is also about twice the price). For me, it’s worth it. Your opinion may be different.

  is easy to fill a wide mouth, convenient to put protein powder, small mixer ball is also easy to fall off, the effect is good. I usually use whey protein and milk, but adding a tablespoon of peanut butter to my protein shake and mixing ball will break it smoothly. The powder without agglomeration can be mixed smoothly without much work in the end.

protein shaker

  is easy to clean (I use a bottle brush at the end of the day, but after I use it, I put a few drops of vegetable soap and shake the bottle the way I make a milkshake). Rinse it off. And it’s very clean. This is much easier than using a blender or a tool with a blade.

  The lid is tightened and the operation is stable. It can hold a straw, but it is easy and comfortable to drink directly.

  Voltrx glass shaker bottle, nothing is missing. I put it in my backpack without any hesitation.

voltrx blender bottles are small and simple
voltrx glass shaker bottle durable products

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