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  This is a great blender bottle! I have experienced several protein shaker bottles, and they seem to be leaky or inappropriate. This is the best. I use it every day. Shaking the ball is very useful. The cap will not leak when the bottle is shaken or knocked over. This is also the perfect size for my protein shake. Give my powder some water. Most bottles are large, so they don’t always mix well. You leave the powder ball in the drink.

voltrx blender bottles

  Just arrived on July 21, 2020. At least 30 days must pass the test.

  Therefore, as far as experience is concerned, the order is easy and arrives earlier than expected. It looks like an advertisement. A beautiful trumpet is a milkshake before work or a milkshake after exercise.

  If you are a runner, you don’t want anything heavy in your stomach. This is a good liquid container.

Slightly graded Voltrx blender cups, better nozzle mechanism
Good job! I bought another voltrx protein shaker!

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