These six movements can exercise right-angled shoulders? Keep exercising and solve your stubbornness

  Many women are very concerned about their posture. Because with the improvement of living standards, people no longer simply pursue the improvement of material life, and the beauty of appearance has become a lifelong pursuit of many people. For a woman, a good posture is even more important.

  The shoulder is the second highest part of our body after the face, so the shape of the shoulder is particularly important for our body. Many female stars have photogenic right-angled shoulders full of skinny beauty. This kind of shoulders is simply a straight male killer after wearing a skirt. So many women want to have a right-angled shoulder to enhance their feminine charm. This article will talk about those things about shoulder exercises!

  One. Two misunderstandings of women’s shoulder exercises!

  1. Shoulder training = muscle mass?

  Our shoulder contains a whole muscle. This main muscle is our deltoid muscle. The deltoid muscle is mainly divided into three parts. In many women’s impressions, if they go to the gym and do shoulder exercises on a large scale, they will surely produce hard muscles and lose their feminine charm. This idea is seriously wrong.

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  Because our female body anatomy and physiological structure does not allow a large amount of tearing and reorganization of our muscle dimensions, we will not cause a large number of hard muscles to be produced during our exercise.

  2. Only want partial exercise

  Our body is an overall system that works in harmony with each other, so partial weight loss such as simply reducing the shoulders or reducing the legs cannot be achieved at all. When we lose weight in our daily life, we must insist on whole body weight loss exercise.

  We can do aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Among them, aerobic exercise can help us better consume fat inside the body, strengthen the body’s metabolism, and can also help our body shape perfect muscle lines. Anaerobic exercise can help accelerate the decomposition of glycogen in our body, thereby promoting our body to consume fat faster.

  Two, these six movements can exercise right-angled shoulders? Keep exercising and solve your stubbornness

  Action 1: Lift the dumbbells alternately

  Action 2: Lift the tensioner forward

  Action 3: Standing dumbbell press

  Action 4: Sitting posture, leaning over and lifting sideways

  Action 5: Raise the side arm horizontally

  Action 6: Flat lift in front of dumbbells

  Summary: I believe you all have your own understanding of weight loss on the shoulders after seeing this! But there are still a few things to remind you! When we exercise in our daily life, it is easy to strain muscles and bones because the body cannot withstand too much exercise pressure at once. So before we exercise, we must remember to do some warm-up exercises to help our body better adapt to high-intensity training!

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