Who said that buttocks can only be squats? These few actions make you easy to get peach buttocks

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  The “S” figure has always been the perfect figure that countless girls dream of. However, bee waist is easy to get, but hip is hard to find. If slim waist and thin legs can be obtained through dieting to lose weight, then the peach hip dream that everyone envy is not so easy to achieve. This set of actions shared with you today can help you realize this dream.

  Speaking of body shape, most people tend to only think of waist, legs, arms, etc., but in fact, many people ignore the visual effects brought by the hip shape. Although taking thinness as beauty has become one of the important standards of modern aesthetics, as far as body proportions are concerned, the thinner the hips are, the better they look. The H-shaped hip shape caused by being too thin will make the pelvis and waist very close to the same width, which makes the waist line very inconspicuous, and wearing clothes will give people a feeling of shriveling.

  However, the hip shape is not as full as possible, and fullness does not mean obesity or bloated. In modern and contemporary life, sedentary is our main state. However, long-term sitting and standing will not only slow down the metabolism of our lower limbs, cause fat and water accumulation in the buttocks and thighs, but also make the muscles of our buttocks gradually degenerate and become loose. I wonder if you find that with the long-term lack of exercise in sitting and standing, the hips become more and more collapsed, the fat on the thighs are more and more, and the pear-shaped body is getting closer and closer?

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  So, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient sensuality, avoid gluten-like hips, and control weight, so that too much obesity can lead to accumulation of fat on the buttocks? The answer is to maintain scientific and adequate exercise to make the buttocks muscles firm, and train the perfect peach buttocks like a star. A set of fitness exercises brought to you today can effectively lift the thigh muscles and let you easily get the goddess peach buttocks.

  Action 1: Deep squat.

  Keep your hands in front of your chest and keep your feet upright for a deep squat. There are 30 in each group, and 1~3 groups are recommended every day.

  Action 2: Support the ground with your hands and knees, and use the strength of your thighs to lift your legs back to lift the thigh muscles.

  20~30 times per group, 2 groups are recommended every day.

  Action 3: Support the ground with both hands and knees, and use the thigh muscles to pull the legs inside and outside to open and close.

  There are 20 to 30 in each group, and the legs are alternated. It is recommended to practice 1 to 3 groups a day.

  Action 4: Cross squat left and right.

  There are 20~30 in each group. It is recommended to practice 1~3 groups every day.

  Action 5: Fist with both hands in front of the chest, perform a deep squat.

  Each group of 20~30. It is recommended to train 1~3 groups daily.

  Action 6: Lie on your back with your knees bent and lift up as much as possible with your waist as the strength point.

  There are 20 to 30 exercises per set, and it is recommended to do 1 to 3 sets a day.

  Modern people’s love for beautiful buttocks can be said to exceed any previous period. However, we should not choose extreme methods for beauty. Only by mastering scientific training methods can it be possible to quickly and effectively train to be truly healthy and healthy. Type of peach buttocks. Nice buttocks dry goods have been provided for everyone, hurry up and practice~

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