These few fitness knowledge, if you don’t know, don’t say you can exercise

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  The learning of everything is gradual, and there are a lot of attentions in fitness. If we start fitness, we blindly do some training moves instead of learning related knowledge about fitness, then we will not be able to become a qualified Fitness people. Of course, there is a lot of knowledge about fitness, and it is impossible to understand all of them, but every fitness person needs to understand these few fitness knowledge.

  1. What is the so-called strength training?

  Most bodybuilders who don’t understand strength training are women, because many women don’t want to contact strength training from the beginning, and feel that it has nothing to do with them. But this is not the case. Strength training is the most important part of fitness. The typical feature of strength training is that there will be more repetitions, more groups, and a certain rhythm of weight-bearing exercises.

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  It can improve the muscles of our body, and it is also very helpful for endurance and patience. If the number of exercises, the number of groups, or the amount of weight are different, the effect is also different. There are many exercise methods for strength training, the most common weight-bearing squats, push-ups, these are often contacted in our lives.

  2. Running can not only lose weight, but also make you younger

  When it comes to running, many people can immediately associate it with health and weight loss. In fact, in addition to these two benefits, running can also make you look younger. If you don’t take exercise in your 20s, you will be able to see the old lady by the middle of the 30s, so exercise should be done as early as possible. You don’t need to go for a run every day. Run once every other day. The duration of one exercise is about 40 minutes. If you can go on for a long time, you can see obvious changes if you stick to it for a year.

  3. How to replenish water correctly during exercise?

  Drinking water during exercise is also very particular, which is very helpful to our exercise effect. First of all, we must drink water before exercise, especially when doing some exercise that consumes more physical energy, so that our body can be sufficiently hydrated. If the intensity of exercise is relatively high, it is recommended that everyone drink milk, which can also help provide energy.

  Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to drink water about 20 minutes, but because each body is different, their perspiration amount is different, so the required water is also different. At this time, just make sure that you don’t feel thirsty during exercise. Supplementing water in a timely manner can make exercise energy more vigorous, and also make exercise effects better.

  Conclusion: Everything is exquisite, and fitness is no exception. Good fitness habits can make our fitness process more smooth, and can also make the fitness effect more obvious. There are many people who fail to lose weight in life. Not all of them are because they are unable to persist for a long time. There are also some people who lose everything because of wrong habits or misunderstandings that lead to the wrong direction. This situation is the most regrettable. After all, I have already spent time and sweat, but still haven’t achieved any gains, and everyone doesn’t want to be such an example.

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