Must exercise equipment? You are out of date, you can do it with a chair

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  The pace of modern society is very fast. In such a high-paced life, many people’s physical conditions are not optimistic. Many people are also aware of this problem, so they want to sign up for a fitness class or buy a membership, but they have no choice but to have limited time. So often the idea is only in their mind, and there is a plan that cannot be implemented.

  So, today we are going to teach you a simple and practical way to exercise. It does not require you to spend time to join any fitness class, nor does it need to spend high membership fees to join any club. You only need a chair. Yes, you read that right, just a very ordinary chair in our office or home can be a good fitness exercise. Here are a few exercises using the chair to exercise.

  1. Chair support exercise

  The two chairs are opened side by side, that is, in the same direction, leaving a space for one person in the middle. When starting the action, the person and the chair are in the same direction. In the gaps of the chair, it is not easy for people who have no training foundation to support their entire body, stretch their legs and make them 90 degrees to the body. It is not easy to maintain it for a few seconds.

  After familiarizing with this movement, we should cross the legs up and down on the original basis. The movement here should be gentle and not too hasty. Don’t slow down because it’s fast when you let go and it’s hard to lift up. Do this kind of movement in a gentle, average state. This movement should be performed in groups of 20 up and down at a time, three to five groups at a time, from small to large, from easy to difficult, do it slowly, not in a hurry. Panic.

  2. Simulate the movement of parallel bars with a chair

  This action also requires two chairs, but the direction of the chair should be reversed, that is, the chair should be placed back to back, and the person standing in the middle. In this way, the backrests of the two chairs form a model similar to parallel bars. We just need to look like Practice like that on parallel bars.

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  However, it should be noted here that not all parallel bars can be completed here. It is dangerous. After all, the double chairs are movable. If the parallel bars are not fixed on the ground, then actions like backflips cannot be done. Up.

  What can be done? We can also use both hands to prop up on the top of the backrests of the two chairs, standing in the middle of the two chairs, doing up and down exercises, this is very helpful for practicing our biceps.

  3. Push-ups

  There is only one chair here. What is back push up? It means sitting in front of the chair with your back facing the front of the chair, and then supporting the chair with your hands from behind, stretching your legs straight, and lifting your upper body with the strength of your hands, and putting it down is a process.

  The points to note here are that the legs must be straight, the hands must be stretched to the maximum, the whole body must be lifted, and attention must be paid in the process of lifting, do your best, and put it down in time if you can’t support it, because The arm supports the chair from behind to let the body move up and down. If you can’t hold it down, there is a risk of fracture, so you should stop at it.

  Conclusion: Today I’m sharing some small ways to exercise using a chair. You can try it out, but no matter what, exercise is a process of tempering one’s will. Fishing for three days and drying the net for two days will not make the climate, we want it. It is self-discipline, and only those who are self-disciplined are the winners in life.

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