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  The exercise of the buttocks is the pursuit of every girl’s fitness. Many people like to use squats to practice the buttocks, but the effect is not very obvious. At the same time, squats are used to practice the buttocks. The knees cause a lot of damage, but the girls are obsessed with creating hips, so next we will introduce ways to exercise hips in addition to squats.

  1. Understand the structure of the hip muscles

  The buttocks are a large group of muscles. It is composed of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The gluteus maximus almost occupies the entire buttocks. Its shape is square. Its main functions in sports are: Stretching backwards under the control of the nervous system, while rotating the thighs outwards, when our lower limbs are still, the trunk can be straightened, reducing the phenomenon of pelvic forward tilt, and better maintaining the normal posture; the gluteus medius is located The deep layer of the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus in the deep layer of the gluteus medius. The whole image of the two looks like a fan. Their function can make the hip joint extend outward and rotate the thigh inward and outward. .

  To sum up, if you want to train your buttocks, you must first exercise the above 3 muscles and make your own diet plan. Only perseverance can achieve good exercise results.

  2. How to make the hips and improve the false hip width

  Action 1: kneeling hip extension

  This action is mainly aimed at the gluteus maximus. We maintain a kneeling position with our arms extended and supported below the shoulders, and the thighs and calves are perpendicular to each other. When exercising, tighten the hip muscles, lift up one leg, and stay at the highest point for a few seconds. During the whole process, you need to pay attention to keeping your waist straight and not to collapse. It is recommended to perform the movement slowly to feel the maximum contraction and stretching of the gluteus maximus.

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  Action 2: Straight leg clam style

  This action is mainly aimed at the gluteus medius, lying on your side on the ground, with the lower arm bent under the head, and the other arm bent at the elbow to support the body, and the legs are straight down so that the feet overlap each other. , Then tighten the buttocks muscles, let it exert maximum strength, and then slowly raise the exercise legs, let the toes point to the floor, the raising range is required to be about 30 degrees, slow motion when landing, and make sure not to touch Lower your foot and repeat the action.

  Action 3: Lying on your side and raising your leg

  This action is mainly for deep stimulation of the gluteal minor muscles. The body position is the same as that of the second action. Keep your arms on your side. The only difference is that the legs are bent at the knees, so that the angle between the thigh and the calf is 90 degrees, and the knees are only close , Tighten the muscles of the outside of the buttocks during exercise, so that the heels are slowly raised. This action requires the trainer to have a stable body, while ensuring the tension of muscle contraction and stretching, and focus on the strength of the gluteal minor muscles.

  Training intensity: It is recommended to do 4 sets of exercises for each set, and each set will complete 12 exercises in slow motion.

  Conclusion: There are many ways to exercise the buttocks on the Internet, but we must be very careful when choosing exercises. Don’t choose without purpose. It is recommended that the selection should be targeted, so as to better improve the exercise effect, otherwise it will cause physical injury, Jianyou We are accustomed to using squats to exercise the buttocks, might as well try these 3 new movements to give new stimulation to the buttocks muscles, and the effect is better.