The voltrx protein shaker does not agglomerate and blends perfectly.

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  This electric shaker is great. You don’t need any weird balls or anything in it to mix your drink. It always blends together perfectly, so you won’t have those nasty lumps when you drink it. Absolutely top-notch!

  I was shocked by the effect of this electric bottle shaker protein powder. It’s like using a traditional vibrating screen with springs. Fully recommend, but I would say that considering other retail prices are less than ten dollars, the price of protein shaker blender is a bit high.

  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the electric shaker bottle and the electric mixer bottle mixed my protein powder without adding shaker accessories. The way the lips stay firm at 180 degrees, so they don’t hit the forehead, which is also a nice surprise. Would recommend it 100%.

Voltrx shake mixer bottle worth buying
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