How long is the end-abdomen group qualified

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  Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast, and some people often work overtime and stay up late, which can easily disturb the metabolism. Therefore, regular exercise is still necessary. For those who want to develop their abdominal muscles, abdomen is a good choice, but abdomen is also exquisite, such as how long a group is. Let’s take a look today. How long will it take for a group to qualify?


  A few minutes of passing the stomach, in fact, can not be generalized, after all, everyone’s physical fitness is different, and they cannot all be required by uniform standards. Generally speaking, for novices who are new to fitness, there is no need to rush for success. At the beginning, as long as you can persist for thirty seconds, one minute is a very good result. If it is less than thirty seconds, there is no need to be frustrated. Do it every day and make a little progress every day. Don’t pursue blindly. The length of time causes sports injuries.

  an experienced person

  For those with experience, doing a belly can raise the requirements appropriately. After all, I have been exercising for a long time, and even if my physical fitness is not very good at the beginning, it will be greatly improved. Therefore, if you already have a certain amount of experience, you can try to do it for three to five minutes when doing a belly. It is all possible within this range. It is really impossible to do it for three minutes, and it is not a big problem to do it for two minutes.

  Professional fitness person

  For professional bodybuilders or bodybuilders, as well as those who have this idea in the future and want to take the professional route, the requirements will be greatly increased. After all, the exercise effect of the abdomen on the abdominal muscles is very good, and the strong abdominal muscles will give you a lot of points. Therefore, if this is the case, the abdomen should be held for at least ten minutes, and the number of sets should be as many as possible each time. Of course, you must not damage yourself, otherwise you will lose more than the gains, and it will not be the muscle well.

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