The voltrx protein shaker bottle is very suitable for home or gym.

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  I have a ton of protein shaker at home. I think of them as shoes. Don’t use the same thing day after day, or it will start to stink. I like these because they have metal stirrers. The blender is flexible, so you can use and clean them easily. The protein shaker is really easy to clean. When the flip lid is closed, it will snap into place, and it won’t fall when you drink it. There is a convenient hook that can be easily carried or hung on the D ring on the bag. For me, these are the best protein shakes.

  I used a spoon to stir protein powder, always sticking a large chunk of protein. With this shaker bottle electric, I just need to shake it a few times and everything is gone. It’s really easy to use, this price is highly recommended

  Shaker electric great product! No leaks or cracks! Eating and drinking milkshakes. If I spill it, there will be no water leakage. I have used other shake flasks, and always leave large chunks of protein swimming or staying at the bottom of the bottle. This is the perfect combination of everything. Protein or green powder from me, used in my daily vegetables. Must pass

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Voltrx plastic shaker bottle great product

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