Voltrx plastic shaker bottle great product

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  We like the protein shaker blender that makes protein shakes on the road. They work very well. We have about six. This size is quite large. I like the one size smaller, but my husband uses this size. The electric spray bottle is safe and easy to clean. Just separate the metal balls, and the spiral design can entangle them. It can only be separated by rotating slowly.

  The electric protein shaker has been used for a year, and the top cover is broken. We kept the bottle and the metal ball because we have others. Sometimes my husband will grab the lid from my small lid (the same size lid) and use it with his large lid.

  The electric shaker is very easy to use. I go to every gym to drink. After drinking a few times, protein is a bit difficult to clean, but in general it is the best bottle I have bought for a long time.

The voltrx protein shaker bottle is very suitable for home or gym.
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