The VOLTRX electric shaker bottle is good, but you must not use a sponge.

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  I have been drinking these electric blender bottles for six years. My advice to these bottle electrics, what I learned from the first time, is not to use flat sponges. Every time you use those green/blue scrub sponges, they will leave small scratches on them. Over time, as more scratches form, these scratches start to fill up with whatever you put in (proteins, milkshakes, etc.). ) Started to smell again. Your protein shaker bottle, no matter how many times you wash it, it will emit a peculiar smell.

  So every time you use a protein shake, if you want to avoid the smelly protein bottle shaker, wash it with water, soap and hands.

  like my new protein shaker bottle, can’t wait to personalize it. The only thing I want to say is that if it is important to you, then white is pure white. I thought you couldn’t see that the drink inside would be very hard.

voltrx electric shaker bottle great product!
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