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  This is the second car I lost after I lost my old car during the move. In the past few years, I have used this brand almost every day, and I have never encountered any problems. The top screw is tightened, and the nozzle cover can still be sealed perfectly. I’m always afraid to shake the protein everywhere while shaking, but everything is good so far! The steel ball can mix everything together very well, but I don’t leave a lot of mud on the bottom. In addition, you can also get the extra benefit of shaking weight when shaking!

  I like this electric blender bottle. A friend was having a family party, and he used a similar product at the meeting, but the price was twice that of this product. The seal is very good, so I used it for a shaker test. It is a bit opaque, you can see the liquid level inside, and the sides are marked with milliliters and ounces. This electric paint shaker machine is very suitable for shaking protein shakes, ensuring that you have enough water every day. I like this color. It is a mixture of lavender and purple. I am very satisfied with this purchase of protein shaker electric. It is made of BPA-free plastic, recyclable #5, and the symbol at the bottom indicates that the dishwasher is safe. Although I haven’t tried it yet.

The VOLTRX electric shaker bottle is good, but you must not use a sponge.
I bought a voltrx electric shaker bottle for the second time, but it still didn’t disappoint me

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