I bought a voltrx electric shaker bottle for the second time, but it still didn’t disappoint me

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  The electric shaker bottle I bought before is great, especially since it won’t leak, you can put it down as needed. The only reason I bought the second toy was because I recently threw the first toy on the ground. So I want someone like me. It’s just a different color. As for mixing, although I don’t use it much, the ball is very good at it. But on the go, yes, it works normally. It is well sealed and will not fail due to hot water. I like that part too. If this happens, I will only buy another one. Same size of the same brand.

  Electric paint shaker does not need a better choice. It has no strange smell. It has a leak-proof lid with a satisfactory bullet hole to open the lid that cannot be opened in an accidental situation. Metal balls are very suitable for mixing protein, even the cheapest protein powder will not have the nauseating lumps that everyone hates. It is also easy to clean! When I need more protein, I use it as a daily water bottle and an all-weather protein mixer. I bought mine for about 6 yuan, because the color of the protein shaker bottle I bought is cheaper and the color is not bad!

The only electric shaker bottle you need
The voltrx electric shaker bottle is by far the best invention

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