Posted on: June 1, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric blender bottle

  I really like this electric shaker, even though I only started using it yesterday.

  I have been exercising for about 20 years. I use a variety of bottles to mix my sports supplements, from Gatorade bottles to GNC power mixers. Three or four years ago, I finally settled down. I used two GNC milkshake cups, which blend well with supplements and are easy to clean. However, I cannot mix a protein powder (Celucor COR-26 servings of whey protein, 100% whey for fast digestion, 2 pounds of red velvet). This is the first time I have bought this protein powder. No matter how I shake the cup, I always see undissolved powder in the drink, which makes the drink taste terrible. After receiving my blender bottle yesterday, I tried it with protein powder. The result is great! Shake the cup to mix the protein powder evenly, making the drink taste very smooth. I can’t believe I am starting to like the protein powder that I hated before.

  I think this protein shaker electric is the best I have ever used. It is well designed and manufactured. When I see an article about a question/answer, I am not worried at all. Before I placed an order, I knew that these protein shakers were made in China. After the “trial run” was over, I really enjoyed my new BlenderBotterShaker Cup, and all my worries disappeared. I ordered another one and I will use it in the office.