The Electric Protein Shaker Cup has a great helix design!

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  I usually fill 12 ounces of water with a couple of smoothies and click 1 to start the spin, which is a 30-second spin timer; This is the perfect time to add my powder. Different pressures determine the spin timer and stop.

  In addition, there are eight LED lights on the base that can be lit to show rotation. Very cool and surprisingly powerful rotation, absolutely effective. There is a rechargeable base that lights up to show battery power. When you hold down the button, the Electric Blender Bottle will light up briefly to show the power level or rotate animation when you press down to turn on the Best Electric Blender Bottle. Absolutely recommended!

  The Electric Shaker Cup is worth a try! I’ve been looking for a good Protein Shaker bottle for a year! I seriously doubt this thing will work, and actually mixed my protein powder well without the mixing balls. But boys don’t just mix my protein powder with water, protein Shaker Cup also mixes my protein powder with honey and water! That’s what my old blender bottle is trying to do.

  I have bought a total of eight bottles now and may buy more in the future. Thank you voltrx Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle for making your Shaker bottle, and for making the best Electric Blender bottle on the market. Keep up the great work!

  Absolutely worth it! Really great Plastic Shaker bottle, great spiral design, I can throw sports Shaker bottle in the dishwasher! When you shake the Protein Shaker Cup it creates a cool swirl. The Best Protein Shaker bottle stirs the Shake Shaker Cup. Never seen anything like it.

  I love the Protein Shaker Cup and would definitely recommend the Portable Electric Protein Shaker Bottle. I am very pleased with this purchase. The quality, design and durability of this bottle are unmatched. Not having to bother cleaning a traditional blend ball is a huge advantage.

Subverts the traditional hand vortex shaker bottle!
Protein shaker bottle can’t mix ice!

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