Subverts the traditional hand vortex shaker bottle!

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  I’m getting back into fitness. I used to have a traditional mixing bottle with a mixing ball. I remember how annoying it was to thoroughly clean that mixing ball and how annoying it was if I couldn’t find the Best Electric Blender bottle.

  I watched the video about how the Miixr Electric Shaker bottle works. Although the protein Shake Mixer bottle seemed logical, I was still skeptical. Until I actually got the Best Electric Blender Bottle and used it for my protein and branched amino acid supplements.

  I admit THAT I felt it took longer to not stir the balls, but I also felt that this actually mixed better and had fewer lumps than the balls. The Electric Blender Bottle has the added benefit of being easier to clean.

  Mixing protein powder into milk or water is impossible. If you like 240ml of milk and 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder, as I do, you’ll notice a slower spin when you add the second tablespoon. You’ll need a second spin loop to make up for this, but the Best Electric Blender bottle will still blend the powder well.

  The Electric Blender bottle mixed my casein well. Although this is the first time I’ve used Dymatize casein. However, the Best Electric Blender bottle doesn’t leave chunks of protein like I’ve experienced before. Never a pleasant drink :)

  I have also accidentally dropped from a great height onto concrete while carrying too many items. The cap shot went off, so I lost my protein (but I would probably be surprised if that didn’t happen). But other than scratches from hitting the concrete, it seemed ok. There is no rupture, which I treated from the GNC shaker. I would like to say give the protein Powder Mixer a chance.

Electric Shaker Bottle Pakistan Automatic cleaning more convenient!
The Electric Protein Shaker Cup has a great helix design!

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