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I use this plastic shaker for everything! Protein, pre-workout, greens… well blended, absolutely beautiful design, and great battery life. I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy another shake mixer bottle!

This is the most beautiful blender I have ever used. The blender base is light and neat. The blender blades are made of plastic to keep the blender safe. Electric protein shake flasks look like they are made of glass and have the quality of the plastic or resin used. I hope this will last a long time. I also bought another protein shaker bottle because it’s really super cute!

I bought this protein shaker because I wanted a quiet way to make a protein/weight loss quick shake. The protein shaker was a million times better than I expected. It’s not *super* powerful, but it mixes well, especially when I shake and mute completely while mixing! For me it was charging all week and it was easy to clean! Will definitely recommend!

Easy protein shakes. I even bring a protein shake blender bottle to work for lunch. I can’t leave home without it. Easy to charge and long lasting battery. Powerful motors can sometimes cause confusion. Be careful when adding powder to the cyclone. There may be splashes and spills, but I love the challenge!

Just pour the liquid, add the powder and push the button. Mix protein shake water bottle for about 15 seconds, then close. It has pretty decent functionality and mixes well with everything I’ve put in so far. In my opinion, it’s better than some shaker bottles with a ball. My kids love to light up the power base while mixing.

I like that the power base comes off so the cup doesn’t get heavy when you drink. I also like that the lock on the top is closed so the powder bottle cannot be accidentally opened when traveling or holding it in small hands. Easy to charge and use. I recommended the Shaker Cup to some friends.

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