Strength training is what we need to pay attention to. Stick to this set of movements to get a healthy and good figure.

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  The advantages of strength training for each age group, the purpose we pursue for strength training 1. The purpose of sports for each age group is different

  So, for middle-aged people who are between young and old, their fitness goals are not clear, or their sports goals are more inclined to the requirements of the body. Because for middle-aged people living in society today, they may appear very young mentally and physically. But for the elderly, their health consciousness is not strong, but the pursuit of their own appearance.

  strength training improves health

  But middle-aged people have many health risks. For example, as they grow older, their weight will increase uncontrollably, which may cause various potential health risks, and our body functions are also degrading. Even if we can’t see it, we can’t just let young people waste their health. Moreover, hidden dangers will make us lose our health unconsciously.

  strength training to shape the body

  Therefore, for middle-aged friends who have a good body, it is important to lose weight to have a good body, but don’t use too much force and don’t sacrifice your health. Therefore, in the process of losing weight and shaping, we must choose the right method. First, we must ensure our health as the prerequisite, and then make a suitable exercise plan on this basis.

  We need to cultivate good exercise habits to get a more perfect body 1. Cultivate good exercise habits

  In addition, we also need to cultivate regular exercise habits. We know that exercise and fitness not only help regulate and lose weight, but also bring various benefits to health. Middle-aged people choose strength training to improve our health, because strength training can stimulate muscle growth by exercising muscles. Strength training plays an important role in avoiding muscle outflow. Muscle loss will not only reduce basic metabolism and prevent us from losing fat, but also lose protection to joints and increase the risk of injury.

  effective training actions

  Action 1: Goblet squat

  First, we need to stretch our feet, straighten our back, tighten our core strength, and lift dumbbells to our chest with both hands. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, push your hips back, squat slowly, and pause for a few seconds when you reach the top of the action. In the whole process of the movement, pay attention to straighten your back, don’t let your knees embed in, and keep your knees and toes in the same direction.

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  Action 2: Dumbbell straight leg deadlift

  This action requires us to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core strength, hold the dumbbells with both hands, and hang down in front of the legs. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, keep your calves still, bend your hips, and bend forward to move the dumbbells along your legs to below your knees. Stop slightly at the top of the action and feel the traction of the muscles behind the thighs. Straighten your back during the entire movement, keep it upright when you get up, and be careful not to arch your back.

  Action 3: Forward lunge squat

  First, we need to open the feet, keep the distance between the feet the same width as the shoulders, straighten the waist and back, tighten the core, make fists with both hands, and place them on the chest. Stabilize your body, straighten your back, step one leg forward, move your weight forward, and squat down slowly. The front side of the thigh is parallel to the ground, then stand up to return to the starting position, and then complete the action on the other side. During the whole process of the action, keep your back straight, keep your knees and toes in the same direction. When squatting, make sure that our front knees do not exceed the toes and the back knees do not touch the ground. Fully warm up before the start of the training. Ensure during the training The quality of the action.

  Conclusion: Adhering to strength training can not only make our body better, but also make us healthier, suitable for training for every age group. If we want to get a good figure, we need to exercise more, but we must do it within the range that we can bear. We must not blindly train, and we must pay attention to safety, so as to achieve the goal of scientific fitness.

Fitness and shaping must take health as the premise, and make the body stronger through long-term exercise.
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