Fitness and shaping must take health as the premise, and make the body stronger through long-term exercise.

  That’s because they didn’t use the right method. There are still many methods and skills needed to lose weight with exercise. Without these skills, no amount of exercise may help, so you must have your own exercise method, especially the correct and suitable exercise method. The correct exercise method is very important for exercise. Sometimes it’s not just about losing weight by exercise, but also exercise alone is also very important, because it can avoid injury caused by exercise and reduce unnecessary physical injury.


  What are the goals of the exercise? What are the effects? For some friends, they still stick to it happily. Why? Of course, they are not idle because they have nothing to do.

  1, changes in body shape

  Maybe the purpose of their training at the beginning was just to make the figure better and the proportions better. But with the improvement of their abilities and the accumulation of relevant knowledge, they will find that each person has different characteristics, for example, are their abdominal muscles symmetrical? For example, is the ratio of their hips and legs coordinated, such as whether their waist circumference Thinner? So they are based on the premise of slowly accepting themselves and accepting their own body shape, rather than shaping their fitness.

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  2, after a long time, they get benefits other than fitness

  Every time they persist, they will get a sense of accomplishment for their persistence. This sense of accomplishment makes them look forward to the next movement. This sense of accomplishment allows them to focus on their food because they don’t want their efforts to be wasted. This sense of accomplishment allows them to develop good living habits in order to one day achieve their goals. With this persistence, their lives slowly became more and more regular.

  3. Persistence

  Through regular persistence, you will find that the body does not change much, but they look young. After insisting on exercising, their weight may not change much, and there is not much difference in appearance, but they will find that their skin has changed. Tight, stiff body, looks younger and more energetic than his peers.

  4. The role after persistence

  They find that their physical condition is getting better and better. Two years later, they will find that their legs are stronger. I used to be out of breath when I went up to the third floor, but now I have no pressure on the tenth floor. Their backache habit has long since disappeared, and they don’t know when they will be able to move freely.


  There are different opinions on some reasons, and different people have different opinions on the reasons. These reasons are not convincing for friends who want to exercise for the purpose of good figure. Because their concern is not here. But we need to know that everyone is different. Even if we want a good figure like a supermodel, we have to have someone else’s height and long legs. But I have to say that everyone’s innate factors are uncontrollable. If we give up this and only pursue the figure, not only will we not achieve good results, but we will also be hit hard. So all we have to do is to admit and accept ourselves. Under this premise, we pursue something that is relatively perfect.

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Strength training is what we need to pay attention to. Stick to this set of movements to get a healthy and good figure.

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